Rider Waite Smith Five of Pentacles Tarot Card Meaning

Six of Pentacles


The Six of Pentacles deals with issues of equality and generosity. In this card we've obtained a sense of material stability that allows us to reevaluate our role. This card represents moments when we're called to share our wealth and help those who have less than us. This can, however, come with some murky power dynamics. Are we giving out of guilt, a desire for control, or pure altruism? This card also refelcts issues of worthiness - do we see ourselves in the beggars or the benefactor? Perhaps a little of both? The Six of Pentacles invites us to look deeper at our relationship with material wealth and our larger role in the world.


Generosity, help, financial support, stability, investment.

Appears As

Contributing to charity, coming into wealth or a feeling of plenty, giving back, supporting others, guilt around money, feeling unworthy, financial support, a benefactor, using money to convey an emotion.