Rider Waite Smith Five of Pentacles Tarot Card Meaning

Six of Cups


The Six of Cups highlights the purity and healing power of healthy emotional bonds. Being open with others and offering our support brings us a wealth of riches. A representation of reciprocal relationships, this card shows us how when we sustain others through love they reach back and help sustain us. The Six of Cups also refers to nostalgia and the wisdom we can find in our pasts, more particularly in our childhood selves. The figure retreating in the left background also urges us to let down our guard so that our cups blossom even more fully.


Tenderness, innocence, reciprocity, caring, connection, emotional growth, happiness.

Appears As

A pure and beautiful connection, mutually suportive relationships, beautiful moments of connection, reaching out on a deeper level, offering and receiving emotional support, appreciating the love in your life, tending to relationships, letting down your guard, creating a safe space, spending time with family and loved ones.