Weekly Forecast: January 15-21

Mountain Dream Tarot Weekly Forecast Tarot Reading Three of Swords Tower

The Queen of Wands is a vividly powerful character. Sitting proudly on her throne she has an air of anticipation about her. Looking at her expression it's as if she's only just sat down to realize there's something else to do, another tantalizing opportunity to seize.

This card embodies the dynamic power of our creativity. And yes, creativity here is a wide and encompassing term. Not limited to art, we can think of creativity as quite simply the act of creation itself. Making something out of nothing more than a spark of inspiration combined with our will. We envision, we decide, we make it real.

The Queen of Wands is uniquely clear-minded. Following our creative impulses has the exhilarating side effect of clearing out any and all cobwebs. There's no room for stultifying boredom, limiting self-consciousness, or crippling self-doubt when we allow ourselves to be in the world and interact with it. 

If the Queen has any secret it's that she does at time feel boredom, self-consciousness, and self-doubt; she doesn't, however, allow them to hold her back. In her nuanced understanding of herself and the world there's room enough for all her facets, the "negative" included. This week we're given the opportunity to embrace her mindset and allow ourselves the treat of manifesting our desires and ideas in real time, all while accomodating and valuing our imperfections.

Wands, beging governed by the element of fire, have a rapid energy and, left untempered, can get out of hand and engulf us. Think of the manic feeling that comes from doing too much in succession. The to-do list becomes threatening and our self-esteem hinges on our ability to check everything off as completed. The Two of Swords brings in a nearly perfect counterpoint to this energy: air to feed the fire and water to keep the flames contained so they burn just right. 

This card asks us to integrate moments of introspection so that the energy of the Queen of Wands can serve us best. Action requires rest, decisions require space, and expansion requires wisdom. The Two of Swords gives us all these things on two levels. The first is mental. We can take space to consider things, using our mind to reason through whichever crossroad we're at. The second is intuitive. Taking space allows the deep wisdom of our subconscious to bubble up and add its voice to the conversation. 

What a beautiful confluence! In giving ourselves moments between our actions this week we're engaging with our creativity, intellect, and intuition. It's no surprise then that's this is leading us towards our final card, the Ace of Pentacles. Opportunity is ariving in our lives in response to the hard work we're doing to integrate these many parts of ourselves. This ace will likely show itself in our work - there's an opportunity knocking that will give us a path to build on our stability and expand into a new phase. 

 All we need to do to recieve these gifts is follow the advice in the Queen of Wands and Two of Swords: continue creating with confidence and vigor, make room for our weird and wild selves, and take time to consult both our inner and outer wisdom.