XIX - The Sun



The Sun depicts the glory of emerging into the world as your true self. When we can embrace our nature, personality, and quirks and direct our energy accordingly we give off a resplendent light. To do this we must be uninhibited and aware of the importance of advocating for ourselves. We must believe that we deserve to have our moment to shine.

The Sun Rider Waite Smith Tarot Card

When we achieve this we embody the traits of The Sun: warmth, happiness, and energy that sustains both ourselves and enriches the relationships we have with others. Light is a helpful way to look at this card. The Sun radiates its qualities, illuminating the world around it with a bright, cheerful glow.

This card signifies times of celebration, pure and positive feelings, optimism, and authenticity.

On a personal level, The Sun shows us how self-acceptance can lead to wonderfully illuminating self-expression. In addition to being gratifying, when we express ourselves with self-love and excitement we end up attracting the right opportunities, people, and experiences to us.

This card can bring with it a bevy of options for growth and signifies the process of blossoming whether it’s in our personal lives, our relationships, or creative endeavors. At the same time, however, The Sun can attract so-called energy vampires who wish to feed off the positive energy without contributing anything back.

Thankfully, the light cast by The Sun has the power to illuminate bad intentions and situations if we choose to look for them.

In readings, this card is a welcome presence that bodes well for most situations. It shows us just how bright the world can be when we let our own light shine freely without hesitation or fear.


Happiness, breakthrough, vitality, joy, exuberance, self-actualization, recognition, motivation, invigoration, new sense of direction and purpose

Life Situations

Coming into one’s own, embracing a new experience or commitment fully, opening up to others and/or what the world has to offer, a time of plenty, being well received, embodying joyful and happy traits, charismatic communication styles, achieving a positive breakthrough, getting celebrated for who you are, embracing oneself fully, celebration

Positive Attributes

Optimistic, bubbly, authentic, expansive, warm, giving, lighthearted, open

Negative Attributes

Potential for tactlessness, impresionable, careless

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