XVII - The Star



The Star depicts the deep sense of belonging and connection that happens when we care for ourselves and pursue what makes us feel whole, fulfilled, and alive.

The Star Ride Waite Tarot Card

The peaceful scene in this card is the first of the three celestial tarot cards: The Star, The Moon, and The Sun. As the smallest and least bright, The Star can represent a beginning or a spark of creativity and self-gratification. Far from being superficial, The Star is all about the power of simple and unadorned happiness.

This purity of emotion is an important guide that The Star tells us to follow wholeheartedly. What makes us feel truly like ourselves? What do we love just because? When we connect to the wellspring of inspiration within ourselves we emerge into the world as new beings much like the naked figure in this card.

There’s some vulnerability involved here, but the good kind that has us fully awake and aware of the world around us. There’s potential for over-sensitivity and naiveté, though in no way should this detract us from emulating the qualities of The Star.

It’s a beautiful thing to tap into our innate creative and spiritual power and doing so can be very healing. This card can also refer to the process of getting in touch with our inner child, returning to the state when we felt most at one with ourselves and sure of what we like and dislike without overthinking.

The Star asks us to pay special attention to both our body and our soul. Pursuing healing in any form is very much in line with this card’s message, particularly holistic approaches. The Star also points us to the ways we can best nurture ourselves through simple pursuits like self-care.


Self-love, reconnection, purity, inspiration, connection to the source, healing, sense of safety, higher self, imagination

Life Situations

Getting in touch with one’s inner child, reconnecting to old passions and sources of joy, periods of creativity, exploring spirituality and healing, embracing an optimistic outlook, focusing on the simple things, self-affirming pursuits and experiences,

Positive Attributes

Optimistic, open-hearted, creative, gentle, innovative approach, deep relationship with self, ability to care for self and others

Negative Attributes

Naïve, lost in the clouds, tentative, sensitive, childlike understanding of the world, unfocused

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