XVIII - The Moon



The Moon is all about the realm of the intuition. It’s language is in symbols, feelings, and impressions, not concrete facts and linear thinking. It’s both an immensely inspiring card and one that can have us feeling lost and confused.

The Moon Rider Waite Tarot Card

Presented with the uncertainty of The Moon we can lose our bearing either by being frightened by its whirling landscape or by becoming overly attached to it. For those prone to daydreaming, The Moon can prove alluring. Why not stay in the woo and wonderful land seen in the cards? For one, we can’t be connected to the world around us if we keep ourselves occupied with the swirls of the unknown. We have to contend with the embodied part of being a person, too.

Others may find all this loopy uncertainty off-putting. What do we make of these barking dogs and crawling sea creatures? This is a card that has us contending with our animal instincts and deeper ancestral wisdom. There’s power here as well as ways of being that no longer make sense in the world of today. It’s a lot to navigate.

The Moon can indicate periods of confusion where we find it difficult to communicate our experiences and reach out to others. We struggle making sense of our surroundings and may have to slog through from time to time, hoping to emerge on the other side wiser and with a better understanding of ourselves.

It signifies times where we have access to a great deal of nontraditional information. We might find ourselves experiencing moments of synchronicity, having powerful dreams, and feeling a deeper connection to the spirit world, however we choose to define it.

There’s a powerful cyclical nature to The Moon. It rules the tides and represents the ebbs and flows of our lives. Where in ourselves do we feel the pull of The Moon? Where is it suggesting we go? If we lean into its cycles and messages, we’ll find ourselves more deeply connected to both ourselves and something unexplainable beyond.


Mystery, dreams, intuition, confusion, visions, scattered thoughts, distraction, abstract thinking, soul-searching

Life Situations

Deep and difficult to explain spiritual experiences, powerful dreams or visions, a wealth of creative inspiration, clouded mental space, trouble concentrating, confusing messages, getting lost in dreams, connecting with ancestors, struggling with warring impulses, experiencing animal instincts, irrational thoughts, working through a difficult thought process

Positive Attributes

Spiritual, attuned to higher powers, visionary, imaginative, magnetic, inspiring

Negative Attributes

Obtuse, trouble communicating clearly, preference for abstraction over reality, poor follow-through

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