Weekly Forecast: May 14-20

Jonasa Jaus Tarot Three of Wands The Tower Six of Cups

Can life be as magical as we'd like it to be? Oftentimes we're told that a feeling of enchantment doesn't fit into modern life, especially modern adult life. We hear about "adulting" encompassing taxes, doctor's appointments, and budgeting, but never vacationing, creativity, or letting loose. This false distinction leaves a lot of be desired. And sometimes it call us with its siren song: act busy and bedraggled and you'll seem more responsible. It's just how it is. We don't have a choice.

These cards tell a different story. It's one we're all experiencing, even though we may not see it that way. Because life is strange and surprising. No matter how set our schedules are or how many responsibilities we have, a little bit of magic finds it way in. In fact, as these cards suggest, it may be hiding in plain sight.

Because we're taught to underplay our successes and joys, these parts of our life often get glossed over. They're simple, they're fun, and they're also fleeting. Or are they? The Nine of Cups shows us at a special time in our life. All our relationships and creative inspirations stand behind us, happily tended to and ready to offer us support. The array is so simple we might even forget it's there. What's more, the work we've done to cultivate them may not have even felt like work. And yet it's paid off splendidly. 

This card is telling us to be proud of the beauty we bring to our lives. Instead of skipping over it, looking for conflict and struggle, now is a time to look deeper. What can we learn from what comes to us with ease? What message can be found in joy? It may also be a time to re-consecrate these beautiful parts of our life. The magic, in other words, is right here, in our relationships, in the work we do channeling our creativity into something real, and in the good feelings we experience when we're working to create a beautiful life. 

The Page of Swords represents invigorating intellectual curiosity. Cups are all about feeling, sensing, and intuition. While their energy flows through our lives constantly, it can easily go unexamined. Luckily, we have the mental acuity of the swords to bring some clarity. This Page is all about open-minded examination. Traipsing into the subject of our creative and emotional successes with a clear-head and light heart will bring us some fascinating insights.

Inspecting what's working and trying to uncover ways to encourage and foster our good instincts is leading us into uncharted territory. The Moon is a card that shows us how strange and mysterious we are at our core. No amount of conditioning, responsibility, and control can overcome the fact that, at our most basic, we are creatures too. In The Moon we see how powerful our instincts and intuition is. 

Feeling at ease and enjoying life is allowing us the space to explore this side of ourself in The Moon and see how our lives are infused with magic. It just requires a shift in perspective. The Page of Swords is able to explore The Moon's influence on our life while remaining agile. It's easy to get lost in the loopy world of The Moon. Luckily we have this Page to help us navigate and keep us on our path. 

In the days to come we'll be seeing more mystery at work in our lives. Excitement in the everyday, meaning in the mundane, and an extra shimmer in the things that bring us joy. Just looking a little closer will enhance this even more and allow us to see how we can be both stable and fulfilled while being visionary and open to the unknown.