Weekend Send-Off

The Color of Pomegranates /  Source

The Color of Pomegranates / Source

Wow. We've made it. I'm not 100% convinced it's Friday, though the fact that I'm writing this post is pretty good evidence. It's been a busy week over here, full of lovely people and tarot readings. Not to mention a delightful beginner's tarot course I taught last night. Amidst it all, I was able to squeeze in some adventures. Read below for the details and a tarot card to start off the weekend!

Visual Feast - The Color of Pomegranates

My partner David LOVES the Criterion Collection. When we first met I made a foolish comment about how I thought it was silly that anyone would buy DVDs in this day and age... Whoops! I obviously wasn't aware that the attractive man next to me had a huge collection himself. Luckily, he wasn't to offended and now I get to enjoy his bounty of tasteful films! The Color of Pomegranates is one of the latest additions. A gorgeous and poetic depiction of the Armenian poet Sayat-Nova's life, this film is full of stunning imagery and rich symbolism that reminded me of the tarot. 

Moment of Hilarity - This Might Be The Worst Tarot Deck I've Ever Bought

I was not expecting to snort audibly while reading this amazing review by Jess Carlson. While many decks aren't my cup of tea aesthetically-speaking, I can usually appreciate them as being delightful/useful for someone else. Well. This deck - the TV Tarot - is terribly, amazingly, ridiculously bad. Think deranged Sims artwork that looks nothing like the characters its supposedly depicting. Read if you'd like to have a nice, hearty laugh and scratch your head over some of the more mysterious cards. 

Repeat Tarot Card

The suit of cups was all over the place at my class last night. It was pretty fascinating! Our practice reading together was all cups cards and while I hopped around helping people with their individual readings the Ace of Cups showed up twice as well. Clearly we're feeling warm, fuzzy, and in touch with each other these days. Energy I'm always happy to welcome!

Listening, Reading, Watching

I think I spent most of this week in the car, so naturally I have some podcasts to share here! Listened to my first episode of the Witch Wave podcast and it was so wonderful. In-depth interviews combined with ruminations on witchcraft and responses to listener's questions. 

How about you? What has been bringing joy to your life this week? And finally, here it is - our card for the weekend.

Majors 18 Moon.jpg

The Moon


Message: Listen to your dreams and extend them into your waking life. Rest, relax, and enjoy what's unfolding.

Embrace: Hidden messages, symbolism and mythology, intuitive messages.

Let Go Of: The need for clarity, hiding behind practicality, making big decisions.

Guidance: What can happen when I treat my everyday life as something magical and mysterious?