XX - Judgment



The tarot card Judgement isn’t about being judgmental in a finger-wagging sense. Instead, it refers to the unmistakable moments when we are called to rise to the occasion.

Judgment Rider Waite Smith Tarot Card

This can be in a very large sense – devoting ourselves to a greater cause – or a more personal one where we grapple with what we truly want and what direction we need to head in to reflect our values.

Judgement refers to moments that are straightforward. There’s no mistaking them when they come our way. They’re anything but subtle, just like the overtly Biblical imagery of an angel sounding a trumpet.

Judgment asks us to listen to these calls when they appear in our lives. It’s a card that demands change and commitment and reflects how the stakes are high when it comes to living our best lives, not just for ourselves but for others and the world as a whole.

When we hear (or feel) this call it can be scary. There’s a sense of reckoning that comes with Judgment. We must acknowledge the reality of our current situation in order to create and pursue something different. Sometimes we fight against this, but fortunately or not, it’s nearly impossible to ignore the direct message being sent to us.

In order to best harness the energy of Judgment we must rise to the call, accept responsibility, and proceed with dedication to our path.

At times there’s a tendency to substitute the true call shown in Judgment with prepackaged expectations. These can come from society, family, and more. In order to recognize what our inner call to action sounds like we must cultivate a deep relationship with ourselves. Only then can we sift through the pressures and messages that can make us confuse an army of should with what we truly are put on this earth to do.


Crossroads, reckoning, soul-searching, a larger cause, messages, awareness, dedication

Life Situations

An epiphany, a large choice, an awakening, making an important decision, aligning actions with values, realizing what’s most important, facing the music, devoting oneself to a calling, increased awareness of desire and motivations, an important learning experience, a turning point in a relationship

Positive Attributes

Clear, unmistakable, direct, virtuous, discerning, perceptive

Negative Attributes

Absolute, inflexible, drastic, simplified

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