Weekly Forecast: January 7-13

Three Card Reading Spolia

I love the combination of flexibility and diligence animating this week's forecast. We're going to be thrown back into the fray of life, that's for sure. Yet where the wands can sometimes be led to quick burnout, the pentacles featured here serve to ground and stabilize us. Looking at our work and daily lives with creativity and determination can be invigorating, no matter how much we find on our to-do lists.

We can see these cards as a nice set of instructions. Embracing the levity and innovation of the Two of Pentacles - working with what we've got in new and unexpected ways - will better acquaint us with what we're really working with. And, most satisfyingly, what really requires our attention.

In the Eight of Pentacles we roll up our sleeves and get lost in the task of doing. It's satisfying work and if we allow this focus to be a place of rejuvenation, we can hop out of it and into the forward-looking confidence of the Queen of Wands.

Thinking about this week in elemental terms can help shake up the drudgery so often associated with work and obligation. If we've been feeling burnt out (thrown from the wildness of holiday season back into the other wildness of everyday life, perhaps?) these cards, especially the Two of Pentacles, tell us that there's a reason why we're doing what we're doing. In other words, finding the fire (wands) that set us off on this journey (earth/pentacles) in the first place can help bring focus back into our life. 

Reacquainting ourselves with that initial spark and shaking things up in small doses can help lighten the mood, too. How can we put a little skip in our step, enlivening the routines and projects that have to get done? It doesn't have to be so heavy when we're calling the shots and doing the work.

The Two of Pentacles is such a jaunty card. Just look at this zesty red outfit! (And that hat!) Bringing joy into our tasks is an easy choice we can make. Not only does it make us feel far better, but it also radiates an irresistible energy outwards. Who says that seriousness equals good work? And what small choices can we make to reignite the personal meaning and fun in what we do?

Having the Eight of Pentacles directly after wards tells us that adopting a playful attitude is actually helping us to focus and hone in on what's most important. And once we do it's time to get lost in the art of doing. This is shaping up to be a massively productive week, particularly if we accept and make room for the need to play, joke, and take ourselves a little less seriously. 

If this all seems a little too prosaic, don't worry. Towards the end of the week we're feeling enlivened and empowered - ready for new adventures. With the Queen of Wands we can welcome a sense of earning our power and standing. The work we do is likely to be well-received and personally satisfying. Once it's complete, we'll want to get out and be seen: bright and shiny and unencumbered by the pressing deadlines we've met so swimmingly.

This Week Encourages

Focus, levity in work, creative problem solving, thinking outside of the box, work, self-confidence, socialization

This Week Isn't a Time for...

Dilly-dallying, resisting change, inflexibility, starting new projects, self-seriousness, distraction