Weekly Forecast: December 10-16

Three Card Reading Spolia Tarot

Finding harmony with others can be wildly enriching. We've all experienced the joys of working with a good team, whether it's on a passion project or in a more formal work situation. Tasks flow smoothly, each person's talents can shine, and, perhaps most importantly, it's enlivening and fun.

 Conversely, we've also all known the depths of despair that come along with poorly functioning collaborative relationships. (Are grade school group projects coming to mind for anyone?) Egos clash, feelings get hurt, and projects flounder. 

Luckily, we're being gifted with the harmonious and fun type of collaboration this week, though the memories of past challenges will need some confronting if we're going to enjoy this wholeheartedly. At some level we believe that we can't be ourselves completely when in a group - that the Three of Cups' celebration and uplift doesn't belong with the diligence and progress of the Eight of Coins. Especially if we're to honor our true selves.

In this way, The Hermit might seem like a card of avoidance. Are we retreating into ourselves to turn away from these potential pitfalls? This is a Major Arcana card, however, and its message is more complex. Here, we have a choice: take the easy road and separate ourselves to maintain our individuality (and risk disappointment or rejection) or build in a deeper understanding of ourselves that can  flourish in contact with others. Maybe there's nothing to be afraid of when joy and ease are present. It can be this good, after all.

The Eight of Coins and the Three of Cups are so positive that they push us towards a new way of being whether we're mentally ready for it or not. In this case, ease and joy and happiness are the signs of something important at work. Resisting the urge to see these feelings as contrary to productivity or serious work is important. We can have both at the same time and, in fact, the harmony of the Three of Cups might be the missing piece we've been seeking that will take us to the next level.

This is a time to ease into the richness of support and collaboration at our fingertips. We can trust the intentions of those we work with if they make us feel supported, excited, and galvanized. In this way, the Three of Cups has more wisdom than it may seem. After all, mutual encouragement and enthusiasm don't come out of nowhere. Finding this with other people is an important sign of compatibility we can lean into.

The cards for this week urge us to follow this bliss - to step away from the intense self-motivation of the Eight of Coins that, although it has brought us quite far, is now fading into the past. We need the zest of other people's input and the power of delegation and inspiration. We don't have to go it alone or do everything ourselves. That strategy is now limiting us in the face of some exciting change.

As we step into a more social model the old fears of being reliant on others - or our inability to truly be ourselves in a group - sneak into the picture. We can, however, look to The Hermit for guidance. How can we maintain a connection to ourselves while partaking in joyous community? I like to think of this card as one we can work with in bite sized pieces. There's no need to go "full hermit" and journey off into the mountains for a month-long silent retreat. Instead, we can find ways to seek moments of silence, introspection, and self-care with the goal of checking in with ourselves. 

The Hermit can be a deep breath to center ourselves, a walk around the block to clear our heads, or a simple check-in with what we want, feel, or think in the moment. We can be fully present and contribute to something bigger than ourselves while being utterly and completely ourselves. And that's how the joy of the Three of Cups becomes possible, opening up so many wider opportunities for growth and connection.