Weekly Forecast: December 3-9

Wild Unknown Three Card Tarot Reading

One of the most magical and frustrating things about life is that it can be many things at once: amazing and overwhelming, joyful and bittersweet, challenging and gratifying, enlivening and tiring. And so many more combinations...

This sensation will be especially strong in the coming days. It seems like there are many moving parts to take care of, as if we've been learning to juggle with two balls and our nefarious teacher keeps on throwing new ones in until we're barely able to keep things straight. 

In other words, we're operating a above and beyond our comfort zone. Surprisingly, we're pulling it off, though we might be feeling frazzled in the process.

This is all possible because on the other end of the spectrum we're experiencing a huge wealth of satisfaction, support, and security. The Ten of Pentacles gives us an earthly anchor so that we can rush around in the heady world of the Ten of Wands. This is a tension to take advantage of and these cards invite us to dance between these two realities, taking refuge in the comforts we've been cultivating and then returning to the fray.

Because while the wands cards can lead to burnout, this reading tells us that we're supposed to be playing in this charged environment. The Mother of Wands (aka the Queen in a standard deck) encourages us to see the end goal of this process. We're being asked to look at our actions and experiences so that we can make an informed decision about what's truly important.

So we can look at all the hustle and bustle of the Ten of Wands like an experiment. We have to gather all the data to truly understand what's important. How do all these tasks make us feel? The wands need this experience to make decisions. Without it there can be a sense of wistful incompleteness. What if we miss out on something? What if that was actually the best way forward? It's important for us right now to be immersed in the realities of the Ten of Wands so we can make some important, informed decisions in the future.

Thinking on these terms can add some dignity and agency to the tangle of wands we're grappling with in the coming days. And, fortunately, the end goal is not to live like this forever. Rather, we're searching hard-won clarity and now is the time to really get to know the actions that populate our lives. Because once we have all the information - once we know how all these tasks feel - we can focus in on what's most important. 

The Mother of Wands sees us identifying and centering on a unifying goal. We go from ten wands to one, and this single wand is allowed into the innermost part of our lives. The guiding questions here are "what is my overaching goal?" and "how can I align my actions to it?"

Returning to the Ten of Pentacles can help us gain some insight here. We have a rich life already. Our tasks, actions, and goals can support that magic and amplify it, instead of detracting us from what grounds us and gives us meaning. 

Ultimately, we're reaching an important realization that will simplify our lives. But for the moment we're still in the fray, gathering information. Let it be exhilarating and maybe a little entertaining. The pieces will be falling into place soon, so we might as well enjoy the wildness while it lasts.