Weekly Forecast: September 4-10

Tarot Reading with the Fountain Tarot

Problem solving. The phrase can feel clinical sometimes, like we're scientists measuring out the exact quantities needed for an experiment. Get it right and voila! we've solved the problem. I find this phrase neglects many things - the multiple moving parts we need to wrangle in order to find a solution, the practice of "making things happen," and the magic of it all coming together. And what happens after.

We have all this and more coming our way in the next seven days. This week we're at our peak ability to smooth over obstacles, find elegant solutions to tricky situations, and to make the final touches on big projects. We're prime problem-solvers an we're also visionaries. What we accomplish now is sending us down even more promising paths and our challenge will be to shift from a mentality of putting on finishing touches to starting an exciting journey anew.

It's a very invigorating energy to see emerging during this time of year. We're beginning September with sharp minds, honed over months of deliberation, challenge, and experimentation. We're the King of Swords, wielding our minds like the sharp and efficient tool it is. We know and trust that our perceptions, thoughts, and insights are our guiding force, a compass that leads us in the right direction.

So what to do with this hard-won and refreshing clarity? In the middle of the week we'll be using our insights to focus in on the last stretch of work on a project. We have the ability to focus deeply, so let's use it! The eight of coins is the perfect card to direct the powers of the King of Swords into concrete results. It's work, yes, but we can dive into it and find a peaceful flow that will make things proceed quickly and smoothly. 

When we finally look up we'll see that the scenery has changed ever so slightly. New opportunities have sprung up from all our hard work. Change is on the horizon and a sense of effervescent possibility. It'll be a big contrast from our rational, buckle down mode and we'll be asked not to question it too much. Change is always happening and if we spend too much time mulling over the why we might miss the natural next thing.

The two of coins will have us juggling several options. It'll be exciting and dynamic, and we'll need to call on our sense of playful adventure to make the best of it. The stakes aren't high and things are just getting started. Luckily we have the work ethic of the eight of coins and the wherewithal of the King of Swords to guide us forward.