Weekly Forecast: September 11-17

Tarot Reading with the Pagan Otherworlds Tarot

It's easy to be confident when things are running smoothly, and they most certainly are this week. We find ourselves placed squarely in the realm of the Queen of Wands, the dynamic, charismatic, and forthright ruler of the fiery suite. Alluring and preternaturally capable, her energy has us humming along at the peak of our powers.

I can feel it here in the crispness of the air in the morning - a feeling that instantly energizes me when I wake up. I don't have to struggle to peel myself from under my comforter while rain pours down outside or turn up the air conditioning to fight off the humidity. Similarly, our weather conditions for success are prime. Work flows effortlessly and we have a shine about us that's proving irresistable to others.

To use an autumnal metaphor, let's make hay while the sun's shining. It would be foolish to fight against these gifts. Run with them instead. We'll be able to present ourselves clearly and with passion, set healthy boundaries, and, quite simply, get a lot done. This is also a wonderful chance to notice how it feels to occupy this role. The Queen of Wands can't help but be seen in all her glory. What does it feel like when we're broadcasting our strengths and accomplishments without self-depracation or the protection of excessive modesty? Take note and don't fight it.

Because, as we all know simply be being humans in the world, conditions can change fast. At the end of the week we'll be challenged with a somewhat sticky situation. It's nothing life-changing, more of a mundane trudge that threatens to send our queenly self-perception into a tailspin.

The catch? It doesn't have to. 

Temperance shows up in this reading as a heavenly mediator, bridging the joyful authority of the Queen of Wands with the earthly drudgery of the Five of Pentacles. Balance requires an adjustment period and these opposites will have us reeling a bit with their contrast. Who wants to transition from the Queen to the stark five? Our challenge is to make room for this without leting it dictate our larger story. Just because the conditions change from smooth sailing to choppy waters doesn't mean we ourselves have changed.

Temperance, with her infinite wisdom, asks us to consider how this snag can help us. It's not an easy lesson, but it does show us how easy isn't always our ally. What is a Queen who hasn't earned her reign? What are our skills if they haven't been tested with hardship or challenges?

Temperance also asks us to step outside our ego (and this is a powerful part of the Queen's personality!) and make room for mistakes and struggles. Perfection isn't our friend here and we don't need to disqualify ourselves when we're less than exceptional. 

We can still be a Queen after walking through a bit of mud. In fact, it makes us all the more connected to the world itself in all its complexity.