Weekly Forecast: March 12-18

Mountain Dream Tarot Weekly Forecast Tarot Reading Three of Swords Tower

This week is bursting with transformative cards. We have a unique opportunity to look at the world with balanced passion. Yes, all the energizing and seductive energy of The Lovers is here in spades, perfectly matched with the flowing contemplation of Temperance.

Starting with two majors shows us that we're entering into the week with a boost of energy. Beneath the surface of our daily lives we've been working through some important personal growth that's now shining through quite brightly. Look for a clarifying feeling that places you and your needs front and center.

There's an important theme here of rediscovering our role as the protagonist of our own life. This can be easy to forget as we rush around doing what needs to be done in our daily lives. All the crossing of t's and dotting of i's can take us outside of ourselves. It's that feeling when the "to do" list becomes too long and action eclipses who we really are. Life boils down to a series of tasks instead of a winding adventure.

Now we're snapping back to a bigger perspective in a way that might initially be jarring. Suddenly we see The Lovers, a striking card. We've been missing a mythical quality in our lives. Now that it's here we might fight against it. Isn't it wishful thinking? Are we being fanciful? Can life really feel this way?

Not all the time, of course. We know this because we're not always traipsing around on quests or bursting with poetry. Yet we need the meaning and excitement of romance to remind ourselves that we're more than our actions and obligations. Fighting this energy in the name of being practical is actually wildly impractical. As we'll see later, the impassioned nature of The Lovers is urging us towards the finish line of an important task. 

The Lovers isn't just about love. As a Major Arcana card it speaks to romance on many levels, not just the interpersonal or erotic. If we take this energy as overarching and essential, we can find love and passion in so many things. It's the spice that makes every dish sing, the feeling that elevates the mundane to the cosmic, and the creativity that finds poetry everywhere it looks. 

This is a time to embrace the transformative magic of love, whether it's in an actual relationship or through a more universal life outlook. In fact, I'd urge you to expand the reach of your love towards all parts of your life, even if you are in a magnificently satisfying union. The Lovers asks us to see the importance of our life through the lens of love. With the balancing nature of Temperance front and center here, we don't run the risk of over-sentimentality or distraction. In fact, feeling our infatuations is showing us how important things are and how essential it is to follow our pleasures. 

The Lovers also deals with choice and I see this card as encouraging us to use our romantic imaginations to engage with a decision we're facing. This card asks us to think big and to take our paths seriously. Shrinking from the visionary nature of our dreams won't do us any favors. If you were to write this choice in the style of an impassioned fairytale or dramatic young adult novel how would each option sound to you? Using these types of exercises - embracing our imagination and desire - is helping us to create clarity and re-frame our lives as truly and deeply important.

Temperance is showing up next to The Lovers as a friendly reminder that we can navigate this burst of energy with equanimity and wisdom. We won't get swept away with this creative thinking because we're balanced astutely between feeling and doing, imagining and living. We have experience. And we might even need the heightened expression and emotion of The Lovers to tip us back into equilibrium. We might be being too practical for our own goods here.

The Six of Wands tops off this reading as a very pointed and affirming answer to our experience of The Lovers and Temperance. The experience of infusing the everyday with the passionate is paying off, practically speaking. We're poised to find an important sense of direction by opening up to The Lover's energy and it's directing us towards a major creative breakthrough. Choosing between our options with the guidance of The Lovers in mind is directing us towards accomplishment and acknowledgment. Living passionately is fueling our growth, pushing us towards the spotlight and a deeper sense of our path.