Weekly Forecast: March 5-11

Mountain Dream Tarot Weekly Forecast Tarot Reading Three of Swords Tower

The cards for this week are bursting at the seams with energy, movement, and tenderness. We're entering into a time of growth that we're directing both inwards towards our self and outwards to those around us. With this balance of seeking, accountability, and support we're able to venture towards a new project that's both exciting and a little nerve-wracking. The beautiful connections of the cups are inspiring us to take an important step forward. 

Our first card, the Eight of Cups, shows the immense power that's unleashed when we take advantage of our skills and assets. What sources of inspiration and support feed our imagination? What allows us to flourish? When considering these questions we may be surprised to find some unexpected answers. 

The watery nature of cups encompasses all sorts of emotions and relationships. It takes time to process the events of our past; once we've done so, however, we can find strength and experience in even the most difficult and painful moments. Grappling with them is a long-term and difficult process and the Eight of Cups is showing us that we've reached an important stage in that journey. 

This week we may find lightness and unexpected insight into heavier parts of our past. Like the vines growing out of the cups, we're finding nourishment in our emotional experiences, the "good" and the  "bad." Both are serving as the watery source from which we can branch out, change, adapt, and grow. 

The Eight of Cups is a perfect card for this season as the days grow longer and all the plants and creatures begin to stir. We're eager to shake our worlds up a bit, too. To clean, take inventory, plan, and disrupt, making room for our new, growing selves. This is also occurring on an emotional level, as we can see by the vines tearing down a column and revealing a bright flame. The old is giving way to the new and stodgy structure is caving way to wild and winding growth. Underneath it all is a new, undiscovered source of passion and clarity.

 It's time to make changes that clear space. We're craving change over structure and in seeking it out we're also discovering a hidden store of energy. What more is out there? How can we best create a life that nourishes our creativity? It may be helpful to engage with these questions as you do your spring cleaning, go through old clothes, or even mop the floor. Channeling feelings through actions can be energizing and immensely satisfying. 

The Six of Cups suggests that this is a larger phenomenon. Think of us all as little chicks hatching from our eggs. The process involves some squirming and struggling, as we can see in the Eight of Cups, and it calls on us to figure out our true strength. Once we emerge, however, we can see that there's a larger community of newly hatched chicks. Exploring our deeper selves and growing into a new, more free space is opening doors to many new and inspiring connections. Finding support and guidance from like-minded people is immensely gratifying. Bringing these connections close, celebrating them freely and happily, is a beautiful reward to the inner seeking of the Eight of Cups. 

With our growing community behind us with supportive words and encouragement, we're ready to venture towards something exciting. This could be a new project at work, a new direction for your business, or the start of a new creative exploration. The Page of Wands shows us venturing towards an alluring unknown. We're not experts in this area - just look at that dark eye-filled cave! - but we're armed with burning curiosity and endearing chutzpah. With a new understanding of who we are and where we've come from, plus the gratifying encouragement from our friends and supporters, we're ready to take a little risk. It's time to shake things up and see where our inspiration leads us.