Weekly Forecast: April 9-15

Pagan Otherworlds Tarot Knight of Cups The Magician Ten of Swords

It's easy to feel like we have to go it alone. I'm picturing a solitary, determined hero, squinting into the sunset before galloping off into the wilderness. We have a bit of a cult of self-sufficiency at work in our culture. It sure comes with its own rugged allure, but it can also become exhausting. When we act like our world is shaped only by us it's easy to buckle under the pressure. We can see success as ours and ours alone, and unfortunately the same goes for failure or shortcomings.

But what happens when we bring our unique talents and skills together as a collective? Isn't the sum of our parts greater than any individual skill? What can we accomplish when we ride into the sunset together?

This week we're primed to reach out and find support, solace, and inspiration in the connections we have with others. In fact, we're enjoying it right now. Our communities are blossoming and what might at first seem like pure enjoyment and fun is actually a precursor for some serious (and seriously magical) accomplishment.

The Three of Cups shows us the richness of connection we're enjoying at the moment. It's a truly special thing to be able to celebrate our successes and struggles with others. This is a week to reach out and share your growth with those around you and in turn hold space for their victories. There's a lot of good work being done right now and it's our job to make space for its splendor instead of rushing past it towards more work. 

The toast shown in the Three of Cups is turning into a powerful alliance for practical growth, as we can see in our next card, Three of Pentacles. Think of sharing laughter, good times, and celebration as planting seeds. We never know what will sprout up from the joy we share with others and building partnerships and collaborations can be lighthearted and freeing.

We often look at connections as binding. They tie us to a place, a way of being, or a plan of action. Ties, of course, can give us structure, but they can also be constricting. This week is asking us to consider a different metaphor: friendship and collaboration as a solid foundation that gives us great creative freedom. Working in conjunction with others (and benefiting from each person's diverse skills and abilities) expands our horizons radically. We're no longer limited to what we can accomplish by ourselves.

The Three of Pentacles illustrates the burgeoning energy that arises when we find like-minded co-conspirators. Many exciting plans are in the works and this is the perfect week to assemble your dream team, envision all the goals you'd like to accomplish, and think big with fellow visionaries. This space can act as a sanctuary, injecting a sense of satisfaction and meaning into our already busy lives. Giving ourselves the time to talk about our dreams with others and hatch plans that bring our skills together is allowing us to engage with the usual barrage of responsibilities, bill paying, and, yes, tax season, with refreshed energy and purpose.

The Seven of Wands shows us how we can feel empowered to tackle the multiple facets of everyday life when we have a solid team behind our backs. We're all in this together and the strength of our relationships, both personal and professional, are propelling us towards some serious productivity and mindful action.