Weekly Forecast: April 24-May 1

Tarot reading with Rider-Waite deck Page of Cups The Chariot and The Hanged Man

I don’t know about you, but I’m especially curious about what the cards have in store for us. Maybe it’s because we’re in the last week of Mercury retrograde; things have been feeling extra mystical, mysterious, and even a bit topsy-turvy.

Interestingly enough, we have a visit from The Hanged Man as our central card this week. It doesn’t get more topsy-turvy than this. It looks like we’ve experienced a major change in perception from last week.

What in our life has been flipped on its head recently? Are we contending with a big change, something we didn’t see coming? The only thing that’s certain is that things don’t look the same and we have little control over the forces behind it.

This doesn’t jive well with the card in the past position, The Chariot. In The Chariot’s world it’s best to know all the aspects of a situation. In harnessing both positive and negative aspects with mastery and control, The Chariot can navigate the tricky seas of life towards victory.

This requires a great deal of energy, focus, and determination. The Chariot is not messing around here. In the realm of business you know there’s going to be reams of spreadsheets and research. In relationships, intense self-awareness and self-work. The Chariot does not half-ass anything and because of this it’s a card that’s used to getting results.

Contrast this with the perplexingly chill Hanged Man and we have a very interesting situation. The Hanged Man is a card that speaks to moments when the world changes us and we change with the world.

So what happens when The Chariot’s self-made world crashes into the unpredictable nature of the universe? In these moments what appeared one way right side up is radically different upside down. Are we able to receive the wisdom from this change in perspectives? Are we able to lean into it instead of fighting a force beyond our control?

The Chariot shows us that we may be carrying in an entirely different set of expectations. We’ve been holding our lives by the reigns, feeling masterful and accomplished. Peachy stuff, that’s for sure, but it’s hardly guaranteed. We don’t always get to feel in control, and when we’re used to this feeling a change can bring quite the blow to our egos.

So moving from the self-assuredness of The Chariot to the beatific surrender of The Hanged Man is no easy transition. This is a case when what’s between the cards is just as important as the cards themselves.

This is a week to see our change in perspectives as a gift. Carrying the reigns of The Chariot can be exhausting. We might even trick ourselves into thinking the whole world in our chariot. We can direct our future, make things happen, it’s all… up to us. Well, push pause on that thought and we can see how much pressure operating under a Chariot mindset can bring.

The Hanged Man has a distinctly spiritual ring to him this week. What we might initially think of as a setback has the unique potential to blossom into a life-altering moment. This is a week for unexpected and beautiful realizations. Maybe a big change will send us spinning off into a better place, a delayed plan will give us time for an unforeseen opportunity, or a humbling moment will allow for those close to us to reach out a helping hand.

This is a time to practice letting go and remaining open to the gifts the universe can give us. If you’re struggling with the woo (or picking at the word “spirituality”) don’t despair. The Chariot has a hard time letting go, and that’s just what The Hanged Man is asking of us right now. There’s room for struggle and feistiness, so long as we’re not so wrapped up in it that we ignore the special moments unfolding around us.

We end with The Page of Cups, a beautiful card that shows us letting go will bring us to a fresh place of exploration. We’re opening up to our feelings, to our relationships, and to the mysterious wonders of the world. A little youthful lightheartedness will temper the heaviness of the two Major Arcana cards at work here. And what’s more, this Page could also be pointing us towards some exciting news, a new epiphany, or even a magical sign pointing us in a new direction.