Weekly Forecast: April 17-23

Tarot Reading with Tarot del Fuego

This week sees us struggling with unearthing our intentions and expectations. There’s a tendency to bury ourselves in work – the kind that seems legitimate and even pressing. Underneath all the hubbub, however, there's something much more fun going on.

We’ve had a lot of this moth-about-to-burst-from-a-coccoon energy lately. It’s very of the moment, very Spring!

The two court cards – the Page of Swords and the Knight of Cups – show us that we’re doing a lot of growing right now, teasing out the meaning behind various impulses. The two most important for this week are our desire to communicate and our desire to seek out feelings. Both the Page and the Knight are young cards, meaning that these sides of ourselves are in the process of developing but haven’t integrated themselves into our identities. That is, we’re not so confident when it comes to expressing ourselves and going after what feels right in some arena in our lives right now.

So what is this? Perhaps it’s in our work. Are we feeling stretched thin yet unfulfilled? Maybe it’s showing up in a relationship. We’re feeling unheard, not able to truly be ourselves.

These feelings don’t have to mean anything conclusive, though being frazzled definitely adds some spice to life. But is it the spice that we want? Will it really make this dish taste any better?

We’re a little wiggly and awkward this week, but the intentions are good. The Page of Swords gives us a big advantage. We want to speak our truth and have the option to do some good inner work. If we take the time.

In this way, our reading gives us some options (though that’s always the case.) Rush ahead and barrel through these feelings and they should subside – the cards for this week don’t show anything too major and far-reaching. As we know well, however, the same things will pop up at some point down the road.

Why not use our boundless energy to play around with these feelings now?

How do we learn to talk, interact, and be in the world? Through play. Watch puppies cavorting with each other a) because it’s adorable and b) because it’s important. Though they do look cute, they’re also doing some real, serious work. And having a ball. We too can have these experiences as we grow this week.

If we choose to do so, the key will be accepting the gawky sides of our personalities with open arms and a sense of curiosity. We may stumble over our words as we try to communicate or rush headlong into a project without fully thinking things over. The lesson for this week is to embrace imperfection as part of the joy of leaning and becoming. It’s okay if we stumble or make a mistake! In fact, we might look just as endearing as those puppies.

So be kind and brave this week, especially to yourself. The stakes aren’t too high aside from the potential for very temporary embarrassment. Both the Page of Swords and the Knight of Cups show us yearning to get out and experiment. Our energy is plentiful and we’re not set in our ways. These are the perfect conditions for truly creative work and heart-warmingly vulnerable connections with others. Be eager, enaged, and excited.