Weekly Forecast: March 27-April 2

tarot reading with rider waite deck

What do we want out of life?

Yes, I know, what an epic question! But now is a good time to revisit our plans for the future. This can be big or small picture, by individual project or larger life goals. In either case, the cards for this week are directing our attention towards our ambitions.

Pay attention to your responses. Does the question make you feel energized, apprehensive, or neutral? No matter what you’re feeling, this week sees us all grappling with a sense of “what next?”

We enter the week with the affirming and powerful Chariot, a card that tells us our hard work has paid off in a satisfying, even epic way. We’ve made our parade through town, having achieved great things after harnessing our potential and persevering through hard work.

We can be assured this is no empty victory. We have both the scars and experience to prove it. Yet after mustering all that energy and creating something new, there’s a void in our lives. What do we fill the gap with on our way to the next project? How do we feel about ourselves when the external validation dies down?

Tellingly, we follow The Chariot with the King of Cups. We’re feeling like we’ve really accomplished something, at least enough to assume a position of authority and power of a king. Yet despite the mastery we see in the King of Cups, there’s an underlying sense of stagnation. With all their mastery, the Kings represent a set way of doing things that can lead to absolutism and entrenched thinking.

A far cry from the dynamic, go-getting energy of The Chariot.

This jump seems rife with “shoulds.” Are we acting like kings simply because we feel it’s what we should do next? Does getting what we want make us feel nervous and scared? Are we feeling like we need to repress these negative emotions and put on a cloak of authority to distance ourselves?

The King of Cups is a card that can distance from emotions like a true champion. This can be for good or bad. We need to be able to look beyond the tumult of our emotions when they threaten to overwhelm us. This is especially useful when dealing with the emotions of others in volatile situations.

But when it comes to the personal realm, too much detachment can be truly harmful. If we don’t know what we’re feeling, how can we make the decisions that are best for us? Perhaps the success of The Chariot has made us feel uneasy. Getting what we want can have unintended consequences. If that was possible, we might wonder, what else can I do?

This open ended question is the natural habitat of self-doubt and restrictive thinking. Because we don’t know what will happen next, we’re able to fill this space with uncertainty and negative thoughts. This can be even more powerful after a big accomplishment. What if we never do anything as good again? What if that’s all we’ve got?

Running to a King of Cups stance – being emotionally detached, calm, and stable – makes perfect sense. Who can critique someone who is knowledgeable and judicious? Not many people, but who wants to rule when there are other adventures to be had out there in the world?

This brings us to the Knight of Cups, a card that tells us we need to build on the pioneering energy of The Chariot and continue seeking new experiences. We’re not ready to settle down into a Kingly role just yet. We have too much youthful vim and vigor, too much ambition and creative thinking.

Now is a time to embrace our ambition, get adventurous and romantic in our thinking, and find the next invigorating project to propel us forward.

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