Tarot Cards for Spring

Rider Waite Tarot Card Reading with Flowers

Last week we had a visit from the Ace of Wands. It was a very on the nose tarot reading: a waxing moon (increasing energy) with a sprouting branch emerging from the clouds. To me, this was Tarot-ese for “Spring is coming!” And it had me thinking, what other cards personify Spring?

The way I read, time shows up as a feeling instead of a moment. So we might see a certain feeling emerging where we feel energized and refreshed, ready to start anew and cultivate different paths. To me, all these qualities reflect Spring, while more enclosing, hibernating energy suggests Winter.

Below I’m sharing the four cards that I find refelct all the balmy goodness of Spring, along with my takes on each of them. 

Six of Cups Rider Waite 

VI of Cups

Innocence, blossoming, tender memories, meaningful traditions.

This card radiates the fresh innocence that comes with Spring. It’s young children playing at a family picnic, chicks hatching from their eggs, and the warm bashfulness that comes with new romances and friendships. It also embodies the rose-tinted nostalgia that can float in on the warm breeze. The feeling of looking back with fondness on old memories, perhaps looking to rekindle them in our lives through traditions and reaching out to family members and friends. When I look at this card I envision flowers blossoming, fragile, bright, and dewy.

Ace of Wands Rider Waite Tarot Card


Ace of Wands

New growth, emerging into a new state of being, energy, vitality.

The Ace of Wands shows us the determined exuberance of Spring. Every year buds from on tree branches and bulbs send out shoots to burst through the soil. It’s inevitable and massively energetic. You can’t stop Spring. The Ace of Wands embodies power of the season. It’s a time of creativity, production, and a certain amount of extravagance. Flowers and plants don’t hold back – it’s their time to set the stage and enter the world. In reading, this ace asks us to embody this passion, embracing boldness and brightness.

Four of Wands Rider Waite Tarot Card

Four of Wands

Celebration, new romance, appreciating bounty

I know this card is usually interpreted as cozy and traditional, but I get a decidedly more sensual vibe here. If the Four of Wands is all about celebration and romance, I see no problem expanding this to life itself. The delicious feeling of warm air on your skin, walking barefoot and feeling the grass on your toes after months of being stuck in fuzzy socks, reconnecting with your body (and your lover(s)’s). It’s a card that brings pleasure and love front and center, celebrating them for all their giving, joyful glory. Radiate your pleasure outwards, share it with others, and give it a central place in your life.

Seven of Pentacles RIder Waite Tarot Card

VII of Pentacles

Cultivation, plenty, joy through work

The Seven of Pentacles brings the bustle of Spring down to earth. Here we see how the work we put in during this season can grow into plenty and prosperity. It’s about getting down into the dirt and planting the seeds you want to see grow in the month to come. Spring, it tells us, is the season to cultivate the traits, projects, and situations we want to see in our lives. It’s hands on work we can get absorbed in, smelling the dirt on our hands and feeling the satisfaction of sore muscles.

What about you? What tarot cards do you find full of Spring energy? Share in the comments below.