Tarot & Intuition

Three Card Tarot Spread

Well, this is a classic moment. I'm in the middle of creating a new course and booklet on intuitive tarot reading and... I'm procrastinating. But it's not so bad if I'm procrastinating by writing a blog post, right?

I hope so, so here I am! Intuition has been on my mind a lot recently. Aside from the work aspect, it's a facet of myself that I call on every day to guide my decisions. I'm also finding that the longer I read tarot the clearer it becomes to me that I am a deeply intuitive reader.

What do I mean when I say this? What is an intuitive tarot reader?

When I look at the cards in front of me I read on two levels. The first is what's on the table itself, the connections between the card meanings, symbols, colors, and more. Aka all the wonderful, rich information we encounter when we learn tarot. The cards are the letters of a language and, when laid out together, they form words. So that covers the tarot reader part of my identity.

The second level is where things get interesting. When I first started reading I was a very by the books teenager. Quite literally, in fact. I was constantly referring to my dog-eared copy of Joan Bunning's Learning the Tarot (FYI you can read it for free here) for every card. I was orderly, disciplined, and a bit unimaginative. 

Over time I strengthened my ability to read between the cards, paying attention to the feelings they brought up, the images and thoughts that emerged from somewhere other than my internalized dictionary of card meanings. At first it was an odd sensation that I doubted a lot. It was too woo! Not at all quantifiable! I was just making things up!

Interestingly, reading for other people was instrumental in snapping me out of these limiting beliefs. Reading someone else's cards is a vulnerable exercise that takes an initial leap of faith. Trusting in the cards, we have to remind ourself that they have an important message made just for the person receiving the reading. It's our job as tarot readers (and this goes for professionals and laypeople alike) to deliver this message without ego, manipulation, or confusion. This means getting out of our own way and letting our intuition sing. 

And as we all know, tarot readings are innately magical and expressive. Imagine listing off card meanings and correspondences in a robotic monotone. It's no good at all! I quickly jumped into the in the moment magic of tarot when I "went public." To my surprise, the information that came from "between the cards," otherwise known as my intuition, was often greeted the most warmly. I was forced to wrestle with the fact that this information was resonating with my clients whether I believed in it or not. 

So I dove in headfirst in an attempt to get to know this side of myself better. What did it feel like when information came through my intuition? What could I do to cultivate it and encourage it in readings? What if it didn't show up at all?

These questions have led to some beautiful realizations. In a way, intuition is a lot like a fingerprint. We each have our own unique configuration and there's a rich adventure waiting for those who want to take the path.

I've learned a lot over the years when it comes to my own intuition, and I believe that we all have unique and worthwhile relationships to pursue with this often misunderstood and devalued source of wisdom. I'm looking forward to exploring it more here on the blog and via classes. Stay tuned for updates, and please chime in with your thoughts below. What do you think about the idea of intuition? How would you define it and how do you think it plays a role in your tarot readings?