Exploring the Minor Arcana: It's All Coming Up Aces

A few weeks ago it seemed like an ace was popping up in every reading I did. And what an exciting time it was!

Aces symbolize new beginnings, news, and positive emerging trends. They're a breath of fresh air in tarot form, ready to reinvigorate us and usher in an electric change of energy.

Well, today I'm taking up the challenge of the aces and diving into the second half of my tarot meanings on the website. Yes, I'm finally starting to upload the minor arcana card meanings! And I thought there'd be no better place to start than with the aces.

In fact, as I type this I'm envisioning a rollout by group - i.e. the twos from all suits, pages, knights, etc. - where we can engage with the similarities of each group and look into their meanings. 

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So, first stop: The Aces.

As I mentioned before, aces are all about newness. In the Rider-Waite-Smith deck Pamela Coleman Smith chose to illustrate all four suits in the same way. A hand emerges from a swirl of clouds grasping the symbol of its suite. They are, quite literally, gifts emerging from the heavens!

Because of this aces are welcome figures in any tarot spread. When we see an ace we can expect the qualities of that group of cards to begin appearing in our lives. Much like a heavenly hand popping out of a cloud, aces are pretty obvious and awe-inspiring. Look for an electric feeling of excitement in your life to see the ace at work. This can show up as a new opportunity, relationship, epiphany, idea - anything that's instantly captivating and feels full of potential.

Speaking of potential, aces are just the beginning. Technically the number 1 of each group of cards, they symbolize the start of a journey. As such, their energy is amorphous and untested. This doesn't make it any less potent or important. It does mean, however, that it will take some work to make its effects permanent and powerful.

For example, say the Ace of Cups shows up in a reading denoting a new relationship with a lot of potential. After the reading, the querent neglects to care for the relationship by engaging with all sorts of shifty behavior (not texting back in a timely manner - the worst!, acting dismissive, professing a deep love for Nickelback, etc.) causing the person to run off. No good! And no way to treat an ace. Instead, aces ask us to care for them by creating a nurturing place in our lives for their gifts. Only then can it grow into something more sustaining. 

Head over to the Minor Arcana tarot readings page for in-depth meanings for all four aces and stay tuned for our next group, the twos! 

And please share your thoughts and impressions of the aces below. How do you see their energy in your readings and life?