Autumn Leaves Tarot Spread


Fall is here and I couldn't be more excited.  One of my favorite things to do it wander around outside exploring. There's nothing like seeing all the nuances and hidden secrets in nature: the crisp antique blue of the fall sky, strange mushrooms growing under a log, an odd flower you've never seen before.

This weekend I spent three hours walking along the trails of a park near my house. I found myself fascinated by the rustling autumn leaves, how they dry to a crisp that makes that evocative rattling sound, and the magic of witnessing leaves falling to the ground. (Seriously, they hang on for so long, it's miraculous to me that I can see the exact moment they leave their home and cascade to the ground. What a privilege!)

This inspired me to make a tarot spread reflecting the changes we all undergo in Autumn. I think the process of shedding old growth applies to all creatures, including us, so I made this spread to look into what we're leaving behind and how we can care for ourselves as we "shed our leaves." 

Not just a spread for fall, these cards are wonderful for any transitions and moments where we need to commemorate a change, especially one where we need some breathing room afterwards before we start of running again. Click here or on the image above for a full rundown.

I hope you find it helpful :) Happy fall!