A Tarot Spread for Examining Change and Shedding old Habits

A tarot spread for the cozy months of fall.

As the seasons change nature invites us to change too. Taking inspiration from the trees in fall, this spread invites us to examine what we'll be shedding this season and ways to care for ourselves during the transition.

First, lay out all five cards face down. Take a moment to focus your energy and then flip over the first card.


Card 1 

Here we can see something from the past that we're ready to move on from. Like a leaf on a tree, it's now time to release these thoughts and memories to the wind with reflection and kindness.

Card 2 

This card shows us a behavior or pattern we're ready to graduate from. It served us in the past, but now we need something new and better suited to our lives moving forward.

Card 3

Here is the seed we can plant to grow in the Spring. What would we like to grow for ourselves? This can be a practice, characteristic, or goal.

Card 4

This card shows us how to care for ourselves as we process things. What can we do to make things extra cozy for ourselves?

Card 5

Finally, card 5 shows us what makes us feel passionate and excited. This is an area to embrace as we move forward.