Weekly Forecast: Jan 16-22

Cards from The Fountain Tarot

Cards from The Fountain Tarot


It’s been a while since we’ve had such a resoundingly positive reading. This is a week to take full advantage of, as the cards tell us that deep unity and raw power are coming together to lead us to a noteworthy triumph. Dive in and keep on working with creative abandon. This week sees victory on top of victory, or rather the visible success that comes from finally reaching the place that fits you best.

When we are acting from deep personal conviction and a sense of both the freedom and responsibility our place in the world brings us, our deeds become very noticeable. It’s the opposite of waking up on your birthday and having someone ask you, “Do you feel any different?” Well, no. It’s just another day. But now instead of an arbitrary date, our time is marked by the results of real, hard work. We do feel different: energized, clear-headed, and more ourselves.

Those long, at times tricky roads you’ve ben slogging down in an attempt to discover what really matters to you? Look up this week and see where they’ve lead you. Identify feelings of peace and integration. You’ll be surprised to find that you have more answers about who you are and what you stand for than when you started.

Fueled by the energy this homecoming brings, we’re poised to jump from success to success. Sometimes this much action is foolhardy, but when we’re building on the completeness of The World, the final card of the Major Arcana, it’s only natural to get going again. Moving from the end of the cycle to The Magician (card two of the Majors) shows how natural this progression is: we’re simply beginning the cycle again. But not from a clean slate.

With our newfound solid sense of self, The Magician becomes even more powerful. Yes, many of the tools are the same, but we’ve learned different ways of using them. Our creativity, drive, critical thinking, and interpersonal skills have been sharpened. We’re excited to look down and see our minds racing with all the possibilities. Why wouldn’t we get started?

Well, there is the persistent voice in many of our heads that says, “Not yet. Be Careful. You don’t deserve this.” If this little whisperer pops up in your head during these exciting times, sit it down and have a conversation. What is it trying to do? Help you? Move you towards your goals or keep your safe at all costs? The World and The Magician show us examples of how powerful we can be when we operate at our full potential, and as such, it can be a bit scary. It’s only natural to have some mental static fizzing away at the edges, trying to keep us in our usual patterns. That doesn’t have to keep us there, however. There’s too many exciting possibilities on the horizon.

What is the area in your life that brings you the most excitement right now? This is the spot where The World and The Magician are working their magic.

It might be surprising. The World brings out latent parts of ourselves we might not have considered. Unity leads to some interesting conclusions, and the path that has you the most intrigued may seem a bit out there or at least unexpected. Good! The key here is to identify that uncertainty that comes with doing something new and embrace it as a sign you’re moving in the right direction. Change shouldn’t feel 100% comfortable. Comfort is a sign we’ve been there and done that and now is a time for innovation – the kind that makes your heart race.

The Magician thrives on this delicate balance between mastery and creative flow. Harness the new energy of excitement and use what you’ve learned to bring your ideas into the world. Ignore it and it could pop up in destructive ways. The Magician is a conduit for energy, so make sure you’re giving things an outlet, preferably the creative and constructive kind. Now is not the time to overthink or exercise too much caution lest we snuff out our inspiration. Here, momentum is key, so trust your gut and keep working with the diligence and mastery you’ve honed.

If we allow ourselves to be carried along by our momentum we’ll find ourselves out in the sun, charging ahead on a new path. This is the kind of open-ended adventure we need in the new year. We’re poised to make considerable accomplishments that will bring us both recognition and satisfaction. This reading tells us to embrace our passion and move ahead with confidence.  

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