Weekly Forecast: Jan 23-29

Cards from the Pagan Otherworlds Tarot

Cards from the Pagan Otherworlds Tarot


Well, would you look at all these people in this reading!

This is a time where we’re feeling a shift in our roles, a change from one way of being that we’re very comfortable in to a wobbly yet exciting new approach. We’ve been feeling very in control and powerful – and for good reason – yet this week sees a need for innovation that may have us feeling like we’re learning to ride a bike for the first time. There will be unsteadiness and uncertainty, but we’re expanding our reach and learning important new tools.

We're moving from a realm of decisive thinking to the much messier (and sensual) realm of doing. When it comes to thinking we have the upper hand. In our minds, we can control all the factors, experiment with ideas, and mull it all over to find the best possible solution. This is important. Were we to rush ahead blindly things could fall apart quickly. It helps to draw a map before you set out on a journey.

The King of Swords reflects this feeling of competency. We’ve been doing a lot of thinking lately. The sharp, piercing kind that cuts holes in bad ideas and stale ways of thinking, making a path to move into something new. Something that works far better than what we have now.

We’ve become quite masterful at this, and yes, it is good to acknowledge talents and successes. Like a sharp-eyed falcon hovering over the world, we’ve seen a lot and have a much better perspective of the bigger picture than those scurrying around on the ground. For things to change, however, we have to get down there, too. Now is a time to turn our thoughts into action and jump into the fray, taking our keen observations with us. It’s time to step through into another way of doing things. That is, by actually doing them. 

But things look much different on the ground. It may be a little chaotic, and the steely remove we can have in our minds quickly gives way to a rush of sensations and stimuli. In the Page of Pentacles we find ourselves grappling with this new reality. At the same time, this is a splendid opportunity, and one I have a feeling most of us are more than ready for. We get to do things now – feeling, experimenting, and experiencing all that is around us.

If you’re feeling a bit overwhelmed and deflated in this new role, remember it’s supposed to be a little awkward. We’re living in the real world and in real time. We’re learning. Perfection is not the goal here, simply dedication, diligence, and a nice pinch of joy and fascination.

Become engrossed in the tasks at hand and know that at a certain level, we’ll always be a beginner like the Page of Pentacles. This can be many things: beautiful, enriching, frustrating, and confusing. Above all, it’s hopeful. We can always change, adapt, and learn new things. Quite useful in a world that’s constantly changing, don’t you think?

The Empress drives home the underlying theme of earthiness and involvement present in this week. I see her as the most grounded card in Tarot: sitting on her throne she is the ruler of the physical world – of nature, sensuality, and all the experiences that make us alive – because she is inextricably a part of it. The Empress reminds us that the experiments (and sometimes fumblings) of the Page of Pentacles are bringing us to a world where we embody the change we want to see. 

So this week consider what you want and then go out and do something to create it. This can be small, like craving a certain something delicious and cooking it for yourself. It can be large, like committing to a cause that you want to support. Better yet, bring this energy to many parts of your life. The way of the Empress is to treat all these manifestations with respect. We’re not able to embody this attitude in everything we do, but we’re thankfully in the scrappy place of the Page of Pentacles – ready and willing to get our hands dirty and try new things. 

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