What to Expect from an Email Reading

Cards from the Tarocchi di Donne Tarot

Cards from the Tarocchi di Donne Tarot


I get a lot of surprised faces when I tell people I offer tarot readings by email.

Maybe it’s because the word “email” isn't so evocative. And maybe it's because many people don't realize that a helpful tarot reading is so easily accessible.

Of course, I Iove imagining people picturing me crouched over a crystal ball wearing hoop earrings. But that's hardly the only way to experience tarot. (Though don't get me wrong - I love a good pair of hoops.)Email readings are just as intimate, effective, and insightful as tarot face-to-face. 

In fact, they’re one of my favorite ways to read tarot for other people. Here's why:

1. Connection

You don’t need to be sitting across the table from a reader to have your cards read. And you’d be surprised at how strong the connection between reader and seeker can be via email. Writing allows me to easily shed assumptions and distractions to focus on the heart of your question. I get to connect with the intention and meaning behind your phrasing in a way that feels just as powerful as a face-to-face reading. 

2. Clarity

You don't have to worry about digesting and keeping up with everything I'm saying. All the ins and outs of the cards are laid out on the page so you can read and revisit them later. 

3. Focus

 Email readings allow me to connect directly with your question or topic. After meditating on your question and shuffling the cards, I am free to let my intuition do the work and create your reading. To learn more about my behind the scenes process click here

4. Presentation

Have you ever taken thorough notes only to look back at them and have no clue what you've written down? In an email reading, I do all the recording and organizing for you. Your reading will come in a beautiful pdf (if I do say so myself) that's easy to follow.

5. Resource

You now have a lovely pdf of your reading to refer to. Go back and look at the card to help guide you forward, check back on the areas that spoke to you, and keep track of your progress.

6. Flexibility

Struggling to find the time to schedule a face to face reading? Looking for quick insight? You can order an email reading at any time without the hassle of making an appointment. Simply send off your question and get a reading within days.

7. Options

Email readings can be quick bursts of inspiration or in-depth explorations. You get to decide just how much tarot you need. Since I like to use tarot for the big and little things in life, I offer readings that range from quick 1 card takes (Sneak Peek) to deluxe 10 page readings (Heart of the Matter.)