Lovely Links & Happenings


How has the week been treating you, snap peas? I've been basking in the glow of early fall. It's still hot here in North Carolina, but the light has changed and the leaves are juuuust starting to turn. It's absolutely gorgeous. 

In exciting tarot news, I finally got my paws on Ricardo Cavolo's fantastic Tarot del Fuego. I'm so glad I pulled the trigger because this deck is wonderfully vibrant and engaging. And that's not to say the pop art style and multiple colors make it any less insightful. You'll be seeing much more of it on the blog soon...

Here are some other gems that captivated me this week - hope you enjoy and please share your own discoveries below.

Hilary Parry gives tarot readers helpful tips for how to recover from a bad reading

How amazing is this moon garland?? I'm swooning.

This wonderful Manifesto at the Midheaven sums up perfectly some of the issues I have with the commondification of mysticism.

Made my first panzanella - it was delicious and easy-peasy. Definitely recommended for a low key dinner party aka the best kind of dinner party.

DIscovered a blog about "strange and lovely" words called Other-Wordly.  It's very moving to see feelings expressed in other languages - check it out for a dose of beauty.

Read a fascinting article about the Miss America pageant. Entertaining, surreal, and more than a little disturbing - makes me think about the pressure for women to smile almost constantly,.

Watched Don't Breathe (mostly through my fingers, I have to admit!) Very suspenseful, though as a lifelong horror fan, I'd say it's more of a thriller. More spookiness please!

And finally, someone created a Mario spinoff called Ennuigi where Luigi chainsmokes and contemplates his past. An accurate portrayal of how I feel when I'm grumpy. It's delightful!