Weekly Forecast: Sept. 12-18

Cards from the Tarocchi di Donne by Gloria N. Castellucci

Cards from the Tarocchi di Donne by Gloria N. Castellucci


Life can be full of action. We find ourselves running from one thing to the next, writing out epic to do lists and checking off the boxes with a fast and furious sense of satisfaction. This can be exhilarating. We’re being productive! We’re kicking ass! We’re getting things done.

Being a productive badass is not sustainable in the long run, however. We’re human. We need to rest, we need to relax, and we need to have time to just be. The good things in our life don't need us to be running around frazzled to exist. They will still be there if we stop to smell the roses.

Strangely, this actually increases our power to accomplish our goals. We have time to remember why we’re doing what we’re doing, giving meaning and motivation to our actions. It's not always an easy thing to do, however, especially in our work-obsessed culture.

The cards for this week show a high potential for burnout at an already busy time. Action and activity are front and center - expect a full schedule and multiple people competing for your attention. Remaining mindful and grounded will be a challenge, but very worth it.

The Ace of Pentacles shows us that this is a very exciting moment. It’s also the carrot dangling above us, tempting us to overwork ourselves: There’s a new opportunity available involving our daily lives, most likely money. Who wouldn’t want to get a jump start and make this happen?

Pursuing money and a tendency to overwork are a dangerous combination. The Five of Wands suggests a delicate balance. There’s just enough on our plates that we’re able to juggle it if we concentrate hard enough. Add one more piece and our abilities are stretched too thin. We have to drop something or the whole thing comes tumbling down.

This brings us to The Tower, perhaps one of the more blunt cards and also one of my favorites. The Tower reminds us that we are at a pivotal moment. If we continue as is, overextending ourselves and focusing on action over mental and emotional health, we cannot accept the new opportunity without causing our balance to collapse.

In a beautiful way, the outcome depicted in The Tower redirects us to the Ace of Pentacles. It tells us that if we rush headlong into this new beginning we would squander the gift that is being offered to us. Here, these two cards remind us that good fortune is worth celebrating. 

We’re at the beginning of a cycle. There is no need to rush a good thing. In fact, doing so will only work against us.

If we take it slow and enjoy what we have while welcoming change at its own pace we can give ourselves the space and time to decide how to restructure our lives when the time comes. 

So relish the opportunities sent your way, take the time to reconnect with yourself and your motivations, and remember you have the choice to adapt as you see fit. This unknown future could be the best yet.