Weekly Forecast: Sept. 5 - 11

Cards from the stunning  Fountain Tarot

Cards from the stunning Fountain Tarot


Picture the beauty of a sunrise. The dark sky begins to glow at the horizon. Night is over and the day is about to begin. At this moment we are unaware of the glory of the details. What color will the clouds be illuminated with, if there are any clouds at all? Will be see a flock of birds fly by on their way to begin their days? Will the sun glow orange or a pale yellow as it travels up the sky?

I like to think of aces as the moment we take in these beautiful details. We are too entranced by the newness, the reality of the sunrise to question, stress, or overload ourselves with plans for the day. We simply accept the gift as it’s presented to us.

This day and age it’s hard to hang onto this feeling, but I urge you to savor this moment for as long as you can.

This week brings in a pair of new beginnings, so get excited, remain in the moment, and get ready to be inspired.

Maybe you’ve been contemplating turning a personal passion into a business or looking to share your creative output with the world. The ace of coins and the ace of pentacles give you a glowing go-ahead. Now is the time to launch new projects and embrace your creative and practical side. If you cultivate your goals you could end up creating something satisfying and sustainable. This is a week where creativity and financial success are primed to meet. Who doesn’t love this combination?

If you’re not quite there yet or feeling unfocused, the energy this week will be prime for brainstorming and exploring opportunities. There is a great deal of positivity and inspiration at foot!

The powerful enthusiasm that comes with aces can lead to overthinking and insecurity. If you’ve ever had a flash of inspiration, gotten excited, and then lost your steam when you sat down to make it happen you know what I’m talking about.

The Hanged Man shows us another way. Instead of scrabbling to control our inspiration, this card encourages us to step back and let these forces work their magic. Stay playful and embrace the energy of the aces this week. Sometimes our ego is the ultimate roadblock to brilliance. Talk about putting a wet blanket on a lightning bolt. So tell your inner critic to kindly take the backseat as you explore.

They key is to remain flexible and trust in the gifts you’ve been given along with your capabilities.

The verdant lushness of the Ace of Coins clues us into a little trick. While coins signify financial matters in their most literal sense, they also evoke a sense of being grounded and connected to nature. As the week brings more practical opportunities to you, connect with the world around you to avoid stress and overload – take a walk, spend some time with your pets, or get dirty in your garden. This can also temper the sometimes manic energy that comes with wands.

I’m excited to see what we make of these incoming opportunities, so make sure to share what these aces bring you way and enjoy the week ahead!