Is Tarot Right for Me?


Sometimes it takes a while to start something new.

You’ve been intrigued by tarot for a bit, maybe even walked into a metaphysical shop to look at the decks. If you’re like me, you probably got overwhelmed fast. Let’s see what we have here… Medieval Tarot, Cat Tea Party Tarot, Steampunk World of Warcraft Wolf Tarot???

Yes, it’s a lot to process! And you might start wondering if tarot is a good fit for you after all.

As an unabashed tarot nerd, I have good news for you. If you’re interested in tarot, get a deck and start exploring now.

You don’t need a long lineage of fortunetellers in your family, an “angels descending from the clouds” spiritual awakening, and you certainly don’t need to pass a test.

Your curiosity is pointing you in a very exciting direction. Why not follow it and see where it leads?

It doesn’t matter what your spiritual background is, or if you’re even planning to use tarot as a spiritual tool at all. I believe that tarot benefits people of all stripes (or spots) and is very adaptable. So if you plan to use tarot for divination or you just want to use the images to jog your creativity, please go out and snag a deck.

The world could use your unique take on the tarot, so don't hold yourself back.