0 - The Fool



The Fool starts us out on our journey through the Major Arcana. As the number zero, the fool represents the perfection of nothingness and the unlimited potential we have when we start out on any path. He is a prime example of “beginner’s mind,” or the act of embracing one’s ignorance when starting a new task and becoming absorbed in the process of learning. The Fool shows a way of moving through life and experiences. He is dynamic, playful, and flexible. Far from being frivolous, The Fool shows us that we are our most receptive when we approach new things with a healthy sense of wonder and play.

Tarot Card Meanings for The Fool from the Rider Waite Deck

Though The Fool is in the middle of stepping off a cliff, he looks peaceful and excited with his face upturned to catch the warmth of the sun. He embodies the enriching possibilities that come from taking a risk. To stay still is to become stagnant and stuck. Sometimes we need to take a leap of faith to move forward, even though it may feel frightening at first.

The white dog at his feet represents the intuition. The Fool isn’t just running off a cliff thoughtlessly. A guardian of sorts, his companion lets The Fool know how to proceed, warning him when danger approaches or letting him know what to embrace. Without him, The Fool could plunge into an unpleasant situation. He is a reminder of one of The Fool’s caveats: ignore intuition and you could find yourself doing something foolish. Keep him close and you’ll be moving in the right direction.

Much of the imagery in The Fool centers around innocence and optimism – the white rose in his hand and the sun, in particular. His environment – an almost primordial landscape with no signs of civilization – along with his few belongings indicate a sense of removal and lack of ties. Since he is just starting out on his journey, The Fool does not have the pleasure or burden of relationships, work, and experience. Yet. 



Negative Attributes

Potential for passivity & lack of commitment, poor boundaries, rash & impulsive, unwilling to acknowledge harsh truths, inexperience, impracticality… foolishness!

Positive Attributes

Optimism, positive world outlook, trust of others, hope that all will work out, certainty, faith, sense of adventure and exploration, takes risks & chances, connection with intuition, appreciation of beauty


Adventure, New Beginning, Beginner’s Mind, Innocence, Enthusiasm, Trust, Taking a Leap of Faith, Wonder, Fascination, Purity, Awe, Confidence, Intuition, Experience, Living in the Moment, Joy, Lightheartedness, Moving to the Beat of Your Own Drum, Risk, Optimism, Fair Weather, Good Luck, Beginning of a Journey, Pure Mind, Good Intentions, Embodying Values, Following Pleasure, Playfulness

Life Situations

Trying something new for the first time, taking a career risk, following your heart, taking a chance, trusting in the unknown, learning a new skill or hobby, adopting a more optimistic & hopeful outlook, celebrating or reclaiming your inner child, returning to an old activity that brings you joy, going on an adventure – travel or romance, telling your crush you like them, asking for something you want, exploring your spirituality

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