Weekly Forecast: October 30 - November 5

Tarot Reading 3-Card Circo Tarot

As the last days of October draw to a close we enter into a darker time of year, one where our natural rhythms slow and we seek out warmth and coziness from our surroundings and relationships. It's no mistake then that so many major holidays fall during this time. As we wind down we get time to see the fruits of our labor and to appreciate the joys of our existence.

This is a glowing assortment of cards, one that reflects simplicity, gratitude, and coming together. Naturally, my mind is on Halloween - the best holiday in my humble opinion - and I can't help but see a story of trick-or-treating in these cards. The energy and enthusiasm of the Page of Wands as you set out on your journey for delicious candy, the happiness of plenty seen in the Nine of Cups (aka when your bag is stuffed to the brim with the choicest candy bars) and the irrepressible feeling of surrender that comes with a candy coma, illustrated here by the Hanged Man. 

Whether you're actually trick-or-treating this coming week or not, you'll be given the opportunity to embrace a similar energy. The Page of Wands is an irrepressible character, full to the brim with youthful energy and more than a pinch of naivete. Oftentimes we attempt to repress or at least edit the childish parts of ourselves, occasionally at the expense of fun and spontaneity. This week, we're given the go-ahead to fully embrace the whims of our inner child so long as they are positive and expansive. In fact, doing so is giving us a path to unlocking achievements that have eluded us. Most importantly, however, leaning into our youthful enthusiasm will give us an opportunity to celebrate the sources of joy already surrounding us. 

I love the imagery that the illustrations of The Fountain Tarot are giving us this week. The radiant energy of the Page of Wands, seen in the soft, inviting hues of red, orange, and yellow, lead directly to the calm and undeniable joy of the Nine of Cups. A card of pure contentment, the nine shows us how being in the moment and caring for our blessings by acknowledging and even caring for them can multiply our good fortune and bring us a sense of clarity. 

This week the cards are inviting us to step away from the drudgery of our obligations and refocus on the sources of happiness we already have. Showing our happiness and excitement like the Page of Wands has the potential to bring in even more sustaining relationships and sources of contentment. We can slow down, relax, and take the time to be where we are right now. It's a safe and beautiful place.

And there's more still. As we lean into appreciating what we have, including our page-like energy, we're finding that there's something else beneath all the fun and warm feelings. I love how the colors from the Page of Wands and the Nine of Cups combine in the sunrise shown in The Hanged Man. As we relax from all the festivities we'll find an exciting idea bubbling beneath the surface. It may be slow and subtle at first, but you'll recognize it by the feeling of excitement and a little trepidation. Don't worry and don't rush. The Hanged Man shows us how letting go opens new doors. This one is just starting to swing open between the unfiltered enthusiasm on the Page of Wands and the joyous contentment of the Nine of Cups. Give it some time to open and then see where it leads...