Weekly Forecast: July 31 - August 6

Tarot Reading with the Rider-Waite-Smith Tarot Ace of Swords Ace of Pentacles Temperance

This week's reading is a shiny and exciting one. When I read tarot I am very effusive. It's just my nature. And sometimes I draw a group of cards that has me saying "ooh!" before I can stop myself. This is one of them.

Aces bring an air of energy with them, the effervescent feeling of new beginnings. This week we have two: the ace of swords and the ace of pentacles. 

Things have been a bit wandsy around here lately as we've been focusing on action, projects, and getting things done. It's good to kick up a little dust when we get moving, but sometimes it can gather into a dust storm, obscuring the rest of our lives and maybe even choking out some of the greenery along the way.

This week shows a radical shift in energy, a clearing of the storm to reveal a new placid yet exciting landscape that we're able to see with clear eyes. We're experiencing new thoughts, ideas, and inspirations that will be leading us to new opportunities to change our daily lives for the better. And in the meantime? Life is looking good.

When two aces show up in a reading there can be a tendency to be split in two different directions. Sometimes all the possibility can be overwhelming. Right in the center of our reading, however, we have Temperance, a beautiful card that symbolizes wisdom, calmness, and balance. It's the perfect recipe for well-informed and exhilarating decisions.

In a sense, we're being inspired by the idea or inspiration represented by the ace of swords and channeling it through the lends of Temperance. We'll be taking the space to connect with oursevles, deeply consider our values and goals, and then start to make them into reality.

There are a lot of gifts within our reach this week. Most likely they're already at work in our lives, manifesting themselves in our relationships with friends, community, and creativity. Limitations are out the window. Instead, look for inspiration and support wherever your gaze lands. We're sure to find it in many different places, some expected and some delightfully surprising.

We have a lovely, uninhibted pathway between our mental clarity and physical reality right now, making it an ideal time to channel our insights into practice. Think planting a garden and tending it gently instead of running full speed ahead. The earthiness of the ace of pentacles shows us that we're interested most in cultivating something that will sustain us and enrich our lives, not set us off on a wild, freewheeling adventure.

If you're feeling the urge to nest, embrace a new lifestyle change, or enrich your relationships, now is the perfect time. There's a lot of deep meaning to be found in the everyday this week. We're ready to link up our thinking selves with our feeling selves, a profound way to increase groundedness, well-being, and a loving relationship with who we truly are. 

Embracing calmness and connection will illuminate the possibilities that have been hiding right under our noses. We're tuning into a new channel, and preparing to accept a new opportunity that's forming. And yet the newness isn't radical or foreign. It's an extension of how we are in the world and how we'd like to be, a slow unfurling from bud to blossom. Did you see the path leading out of the garden in the ace of pentacles?  When the time is ripe, we'll be heading out towards a new way of supporting ourselves. Until then, we'll do best appreciating and cultivating what sustains us in our already beautiful lives.