Weekly Forecast: July 17-23

Tarot Reading with the Tarot del Fuego

If this week has a theme it's moving from the cosmic to the practical.

We start out with the magnificant expansiveness of Ricardo Cavolo's interpretation of Temperance. The illustration does a wonderful job of opening up our ideas of balance to include all sorts of bright and beautiful possibilities. Here, balance is not about exact equality - making each side of the scale precisely the same - but the freedom that comes with living in the moment. Picture a gymnast walking across a balance beam, their ankles and feet making slight adjustments as they continue across with utter focus.

And then they launch into a stunning backflip. 

That's where we are this week. Feeling a renewed sense of confidence and clarity that's fueling our ambition and desire for exploration. We're capable of great things always, but this week  brings us a unique sense of alignment where our talents are free-flowing and at their best.

It's fitting then that we get a visit from the Knight of Cups, the idealistic go-getter of the tarot world. This card tells us that we're inspired by a deeper concept instead of just the action itself. External motivations like approval, success, and acceptance are all fine and dandy, but we have our eyes set on something with more meaning right now.

Is it an important cause? A beautiful insight we received when practicing the calm, centeredness of Temperance? A spiritual awakening? Identifying this seed and getting to know it will be very helpful in channeling all our energy in the days to come. Take the time to explore further so that you can charge ahead with a clear sense of direction.

If the Knights have a flaw it's one of short-sightedness, and for the Knight of Cups this comes with an idealistic twist. Ever the romantic, this card has a complicated relationship with reality. Having one's eyes to the stars can be a beautiful thing, but when you forget (or refuse to) look at the ground, things can get rocky. 

There may be a tendency in the days to come to willfully or innocently avoid considering "what's on the ground," - other people, relationships, responsibilities, etc. If any cards can strike a balance between the powerful forces of idealism and practicality it's Temeprance and the Knight of Cups. A creative, beautiful, and responsible solution is ours for the taking if we put our minds to it.

And it looks like that's exctly where we're heading. The Nine of Pentacles shows us entering into a period of bountiful stability. This is where the practical really comes into focus. It looks like balance, a wider perspective, and a hanful of energetic idealism was what we needed to see a vibrant sense of well-being in our material lives. Following our hearts can lead in a materially satisfying direction if only we believe in ourselves.

Whether it's an idea coming into fruition or a literal windfall, the end of the week holds great potential for abundance and good fortune. We'll be feeling lucky and well-off and just getting started on our journey. After all, the Knight of Cups is just about to leap from his cup. Where will his energy take us next?

Before we find out, it's a wonderful time to sit back and bask in what we have at our fingertips, enjoing our lives and sharing it with our close friends and family.