Weekly Forecast: August 14-20

Tarot Reading with the Fountain Tarot

It's all been coming up aces for us these days. The happy harbingers of the tarot deck, aces show us moments when we are gifted with newness. New beginnings, new oppotunities, and new insights.

Newness, however, doesn't come from a blank slate. Oftentimes we have to make room for new growth, clearing away what no longer serves us and allowing light and oxygen to reach the soil.

This week a very transformative moment is reaching out for us. Like most times when we have immense opportunites for growth, it's not simple or straightforward. In fact, we have the solemn, powerful, and - to be upfront - rather distrubing three of swords leading the way. 

This means that at first we might not be feeling so sunny and optimistic. What will later reaveal itself as a gift may first present as sadness, disappointment, or heartbreak. We have the opportunity, however, to see through the disguise and do the necessary work to make way for growth. We need to do a little gardening before our seeds sprout. 

A rather painful catalyst is driving us towards the opportunity shown in the ace of pentcales. The growth this week starts as long haul, not a joyful emerging. 

If there's one thing we can say about the three of swords it's that it's impossible to ignore. Maybe if you're superhuman you could ignore one sword piercing your heart, but three? Good luck with that. This card asks us to face our pain and identify our heartache. Often what we initially think has dealt us a fatal blow is not what's giving us the most pain. Peel back the layers and there might be an older, deeper wound that needs some tenderness and attention.

When it comes to pain and sandess, and especially when it comes to the suit of swords, we have a tendency to retreat within ourselves. This week we're being asked to do the opposite. We're presented with a beautiful opportunity to see our suffering, hold our imperfect selves, and reach out to others for connection.

I love how we're presented with two threes back to back - the three of swords and the three of pentacles. I imagine these two cards on top of each other. That is, the balm of connection and acknowledgment soothing the original wound of the three of swords.

This is a time to be brave and reach out for support, to illuminate personal heartache so that we can strengthen community. If we suffer in silence we suffer alone. The practical, hands-on nature of the three of pentacles shows us that not only does reaching out build bridges, it helps us build a better world. Being vulnerable this week will also be setting the stage for exciting collaborations and new creations, all of which will start transforming the enclosed sadness of the three of swords into the glowing possibility of the ace of pentacles.