Weekly Forecast: June 12-18

Incandescent Tarot Weekly Forecast

It looks like we have wandsy week ahead of us, darlings. This means action, action, and more action. We’ve got movement on our minds and our eyes are wide and focused. It’s a time to get at it and get things done, so off to work we go.

We’re all jazzed up, but… things start out a bit awkward. With the Five of Wands we get a less than seamless introduction to the week. Things feel at odds with each other, whether it’s with ourselves, others, or our plans. Things just don’t seem to be coming together in the way we’d like them to.

This doesn’t mean we’re not cut out of the task at hand. Hardly! We can look at the conflict depicted in the Five as part of a process that tests our skills and hones our vision. We’ll be asked to see what’s really worth our time. What is a problem we need to solve and what is simply a distraction?

Sometimes things are hard to teach us something new and sometimes things are hard because they don’t work. It’ll be our challenge to learn how to discern between the two.

The Five also sees us contending with egos, both our own and others. When everyone’s wielding big sticks there’s a high likelihood of someone getting poked in the eye, so it’ll be important for us to be mindful of how we interact with those around us.

Once we find a harmonious way to balance our tasks we’ll see the week take off with speed and clarity. The Eight of Wands shows us how we’ll be making great strides in whatever we put our minds to this week. Paired with the Five of Wands this card is giving us a hint that this is a good time to launch into something we’ve been putting off because it seems daunting.

All we need is a little push to break through to a space where decisiveness, daring, and hard work come easily. It’s a time for us to luxuriate in our skills and power at doing what we need to do. It’s a joyful rush of a feeling we’d be foolish not to savor.

At the same time, the Eight of Wands can lead us to overestimate our capability for work and tasks of all shapes and sizes. Why stop going when things are feeling so free and breezy? Well, just take look at the Ten of Wands to get a taste of how over activity can lead to burnout.

In the middle of the week we’re caught up in the rush of action. This is the suit of wands at its unbridled best. But being unbridled means being somewhat out of control, so it’s an abrupt transition when all of a sudden our bodies stop us in our tracks and tell us to hold up. Doing all that work? It’s made us tired and we’d just like to lie down!

The tasks start to feel heavier, and now we’re dragging our way to the finish line. Luckily, the finish line is approaching quickly. The Ten of Wands depicts the last slog to the end. We’ve really made our way through the second half of the wands. We might be feeling tired and burdened, but we’ll be so close to the relief of rest and the satisfaction of seeing something all the way through to the end.