Weekly Forecast: April 10-16

Pagan Otherworlds Tarot Reading

We enter this week full of practical ideas. It’s the very beginning of something new. An idea is hatching and we haven’t hammered out the details or narrowed down the scope. Far from it, in fact. The coming days are all about exploring potential before committing to action.

Our plans right now are new, flexible, and exciting. Maybe they seem more like a feeling than something concrete. This is a good thing! We want to harness the budding tenderness of our ideas right now and see where they can take us. It’s not a time to limit ourselves with practicalities and doubts. What’s the risk when it’s still all dreams and plans?

The Two of Wands shows us perking up and feeling motivated. Maybe we’re even feeling the itch of wanting to make things happen now. Pair this feeling with an unformed idea and you get some tension. We want to get started but we’re not quite sure what we want to do or how to do it. We think we need action, but we really need rest, time, and some creative introspection.

Again, the cards tell us this is natural. Instead of running away from our indecisiveness and uncertainty we should embrace it.

Well, where to then? The Seven of Cups points us squarely towards our imaginations. Beyond practical brainstorming, now is the prime time to get visionary about the future. In terms of thinking, we can go wild. Dream away, go to outlandish places. What’s the wildest, most extravagant outcome that our plan could result in. What do we want so much that we feel nervous even naming it?

This card instructs us to tap into our freewheeling, creative sides. If it’s natural to be indecisive now, we can truly explore all our options. We can do this visually, too. Art, self-expression, and playfulness will do wonders in giving us clarity as we solidify our plans. This can seem counterintuitive, especially given the logic-centric culture we live in. You mean we can abandon logistics and potential hazards, going straight to dreams, adventures, and fun?

In this case, yes. We don’t want to strangle the tender budding ideas just poking their heads above the ground right now. We’ll have plenty of time to think it all through later. In fact, the Four of Swords tells us that we’ll be entering a more logically introspective time after we let ourselves play in a realm of potential. We can trust ourselves here. Giving ourselves time to brainstorm, get creative, and then deal with practicalities will lead to something both doable and exciting.

This is our exercise for the week:

What are your wildest dreams? Put aside all your doubts, judgement, and fears. (Do this lovingly. They have things to tell you, too, though they can definitely be pesky. You’ll address them later.) Explore all sorts of options and then see what links back to the little idea you’re growing. How can they work with each other? Pay the attention to the way you feel when you don’t give yourself any limitations. Remember this feeling and do all you can to protect it when you decide to put your plans into action.

And once you’ve done all that?

Rest. Let all your ideas percolate, giving them plenty of time and space to settle. There’s a lot going on under the surface, and given a nice spell of nurturing and exploration it will soon be ready to burst out into action.