Weekly Forecast pt. II: A Lovey-Dovey Follow Up

The Lovers Fountain Tarot Card

Yesterday was one of those days when the cards had a lot to say. It's exhilarating when a reading speaks on so many levels. There was so much going on! Two majors! The same Ace from the week before! I found myself struggling to stay within the limits I set for the weekly forecasts. As I'm sure you've noticed, I can get carried away and I like to jump right into deep subjects.

This latest reading was pretty hard to resist.  I was also very moved by the continuing message that transformation and clarity can come from the unexpected. I love how the tarot makes room for the gifts and difficulties that come with change, and so I focused in on that theme. And it definitely gave us a heaping dose of wisdom for the week.

But there was a striking visual connection between the cards that suck in my mind, one that moved us away from change and towards the transformative power of The Lovers. I woke up this morning with it on my mind and I’d like to jump in and share that with you all today. After all, who says a forecast has to be just one post?

Tarot cards have many ways of speaking to each other that go far beyond any “set” meanings you can find in a book. Context, symbols, and history all have a say in how we interpret readings.

And then there’s the illustrations. I love how images relax us and invite our imagination and intuition to come out and play. The Fountain Tarot is an especially intuition-friendly deck. The ethereal paintings, colors, and compositions seem to present the perfect atmosphere for our minds to relax and let our inner wisdom work its magic.

What really grabbed me about yesterday’s reading were the vertical lines appearing in each card. The Fountain depicts a gorgeous, swirling universe with a ray of light emanating from the center, The Ace of Swords is divided by a… giant sword of course, and The Lovers shows a sliver of light shining at the point where a couple is joining hands.

I find this thread of connection so moving and tender. My initial notes on the reading were, “opening up & expanding our ideas of love.” That is, using the clarity of The Ace of Swords to illuminate the doorways love opens for us both interpersonally (The Lovers) and universally (The Fountain.)

The readings lately have been showing a persistent theme of moving beyond limiting ideas and absolute thinking. To see opportunities in places we’re trained to see setbacks. That maybe the most surprising thing is to realize that our experiences aren’t what we were told they’d look like.

I see this possibility so beautifully represented by these rays and lines of light. We might traditionally see a line as a point of division or a cut into something we assume should be whole. A line is a division, yes, but it is also a space. Something we can widen and walk through. Is this a representation of how difference and change bring us new opportunities? I think so.

Seeing this dividing light in The Lovers is especially interesting. Aren’t lovers supposed to be coming together as one? Is this ray of light separating them? Of course, with the positive meaning of the card and the soothing, beautiful colors, we know this isn’t the message.

 In my mind, this is a complex and moving representation of how love brings together separate entities who, in nurturing their love for each other, open up a new path. Only by honoring their differences, choosing each other, and loving one another as two unique, whole people are they able to illuminate and expand their lives.

What’s more, the ray of light in The Lover’s is a smaller version of the one in The Fountain, suggesting that the love we share with others reflects the love and possibility in the universe around us. Ah, what beautiful stuff. I like to imagine what will happen next: The Lovers standing up and walking through the doorway they have created together. What a wonderful direction to be moving toward this week. Where is our love surprising us and what new places will it take us if we choose to follow it?