Weekly Forecast: Sept 19-25

Incandescent Tarot Weekly Reading Sept 19-25

There’s restlessness in the air this week. The leaves are turning, the light is golden, and although fall has yet to begin, these changes call to mind the specter of winter. Like birds being called to migrate or bears shuffling into the forest to hibernate, we too are feeling a deeper call this week to either retreat or strike out.

The motivation springs from two sources. At its heart is the feeling of needing to change. You are in search of a missing piece of the puzzle. While your instinct is passionate and correct, the act of leaving your comforts is slightly unnerving. Why turn your back on the coziness you’ve created for yourself to travel over unfamiliar terrain, looking for something new? Something you haven’t even defined yet?

But this isn’t just a feeling you have. The discomfort has been popping up in your daily life. There is a conflict between the sense of order you’ve created and the desire to shake things up. Everything is measured out just so. You take great pains to make sure things are done at the right time and in just the right amount. But this role is tiring and you may have found yourself daydreaming more lately, looking for a change and for something more adventurous.

Seeing the moon illuminating the path of the man in the eight of cups is a rather magical reminder of the recent lunar eclipse. It reinforces the pull drawing you from a place of comfort into unknown territory. Your motivations spring from within as well as from a deeper, more elemental source. It is wise to heed these calls and break away from the regimented life of the six of pentacles.

Here, the eight of cups tells us that in order to lead a more fulfilling life we must embrace our wildness and strike out to search for what is missing under the light of the moon. This card is grounded by two pentacles cards, showing us that while the journey may seem risky at first and its logic may not be immediately understandable, it will lead us back to the earth in an improved state.

The two of pentacles shows this outcome. After some soul-searching we reemerge with a sense of clarity. No longer focusing outwardly towards the two begging figures, we are considering the merits of two options. There is a sense of concentration and motion. Juggling requires focus and as we dance from foot to foot we truly feel out each path.

But perhaps the most magical aspect of these cards is the color. Red, the color of passion, dominates the clothing of each primary figure, and even pops up in the ships’ sails in the two of pentacles.

In the story told by these cards, we follow our passion from regimented balance, through brave soul seeking, to dynamic decision making. And maybe even to a journey. I see this continuity as a clear message that whatever little voice we’re hearing, whatever wild call to migrate or change with the season, is one worth listening to. We must follow our passions to truly realize ourselves in this world.