Lovely Links & Happenings


Hello lovely readers! How has your week been? It's been a bit of a wild zone over here. We now have a third dog in the house - a majestic Siberian husky who we're watching for a friend. It has been quite a hoot leaving my study to see these three faces:

Gina, everything you say is fascinating! Oh, no you're just holding some food.

Gina, everything you say is fascinating! Oh, no you're just holding some food.


This week I delved into the rich realm of The Empress with my first installment of Tarot for Self-Care. I'm so stoked about this series and had so much fun writing this week's piece. 

I also got carried away and made a fragrance inspired by The Empress. A little backstory: my hobby (and part of my former job) is making natural perfume. I keep all my absolutes and essential oils on my desk, and sometimes I glance over and... make just a quick bottle of something new. 

For the curious, this batch featured hibiscus tincture, honey absolute, mimosa, and pink graprefruit essential oil. Definitely a keeper in my book!

I've also been working on some super secret freebies you'll be seeing more of soon, so stay tuned...

Some more things that I found delightful this week:

Came across the gorgeous Circo Tarot - looks like another beautiful deck to add to the wishlist!

Wish this Horror Tarot was still available for halloween.

Really loved this animation of an interview with David Lynch about the origin of great ideas.

And my favorite topic, food: I haven't been able to stop devouring Pan con Tomate this week. Hard to imagine anything better than bread, tomato, and olive oil. 

How about you? What has tickled your fancy lately?