Rider Waite Smith Two of Cups Tarot Card Meaning

Two of Cups


A beautiful card, I sometimes to refer to the Two of Cups as "The Lovers, lite." A card of coming together and new unions with great potential, the Two of Cups does address romance as well as general compatibility and promise in any relationship. Here, the emotional nature of cups is shared with great tenderness and positivity by two parties. You can look for support, excitement (the butterflies in the stomach kind), and the intuitive wisdom that this is a situation you can trust. 


Union, reciprocity, emotional honesty, compatibility, potential for stability and growth

Appears as

A budding relationship with someone compatible, a new partnership with great promise, good fortune involving teamwork and collaboration, a moment of emotional honesty and safety, mutual respect, a good time to open up, expressing love, affection, and friendship.