Rider Waite Smith Two of Pentacles Tarot Card Meaning

Two of Pentacles


The Two of Pentacles is a dynamic and motion-filled card. Indicating moments where we have a lot up in the air, this Two shows us how staying on our feet and finding the rhythm of our daily actions can be productive and even enjoyable. At the same time, however, we may be tempted by plans and daydreams of a different sort, hoping to run off and do something entirely different. This card holds a great deal of passion and energy, along with choices of where to direct it. 


Busyness, multiple responsibilities, motion, activity, daily routine, daydreaming

Appears as

A full schedule, juggling two (or more options), needing to stay focused in everyday life, dynamic and flexible problem solving, staying on one's feet, secret desire to drop it all and run away, occasional distraction, energetically grappling with life.