Rider Waite Smith Three of Wands Tarot Card Meaning

Three of Wands


A card where a plan has already been set in motion, the Three of Wands shows the beginning of an idea unfolding into reality. Plans have been made and first steps implemented, but there's a great deal more to achieve and a large part of the story has yet to unfold. This card shows how our past accomplishments and skills (represented by the wands) will aid us in our search for something more. All we need is vision and determination to see ourselves through the rest of the journey.  


Ambition, preparedness, commitment, confidence, bravery

Appears As

Committing to a plan, preliminary steps, getting ready for the next phase, the act of launching a new endeavor, new business ventures, new creative work or path, growing into a new position, taking a career leap, traveling for work