Rider Waite Smith Three of Cups Tarot Card Meaning

Three of Swords


One of the most dramatic tarot cards, the Three of Swords shows the all-encompassing feeling of heartbreak. Whether from romance or relationship or a traumatic event, our suffering can quickly color the rest of our lives. When pain is immediate we have no choice but to feel it. The Three of Swords also indicates the influence of our thoughts - it's easy to envision three swords piercing our hearts when perhaps it is only one. This card can relate to previous hurts coming to life through misfortune in the present i.e. trauma from a past relationship or a childhood wound reappearing. Though far from sunny, this is an important card and also one that holds great potential for catharsis and healing.


Sadness, pain, heartbreak, dire thoughts, overpowering emotions

Appears As

A hurtful end to a relationship, mental anguish, the aftermath of trauma, resurfacing emotions, an outpouring of sadness, feeling overcome with emotions and memories.