Rider Waite Smith Five of Pentacles Tarot Card Meaning

Page of Cups


The Page of Cups is a wonderfully tender dreamer. This card takes the enthusiasm of the Pages and directs it towards relationships, feelings, and spirituality. When this card appears we can be sure that there's so much to be discovered in these areas. It can also refer to intuitive breakthroughs, messages, and connections.


This Page can represent a youth or someone inexperienced in love and spirituality, but just embarking on a new romance or practice. The Page of Cups is intuitively talented, but hasn't quite grasped the extent of their gifts. 


The Page of Cups' personality is introverted, dreamy, and sensitive. This Page is highly attuned to the unseen: emotions, intuition, and hidden meanings. Because of their inexperience, they're not quite able to make important distinctions between their own feelings and others'. This can lead to over-sensitivity, burnout, and withdrawal. They are highly spiritual, mysterious, and poetic.