Rider Waite Smith Five of Pentacles Tarot Card Meaning

Nine of Wands


This card shows us a moment when we've lost the ability to see the forest form the trees. Our movements from this point are on faith alone. As we can see from the illustration, this card contains a distinct aura of exhaustion and determination. Struggles and accomplishments have been had in equal measure. This card is all about the times when we must call on the deepest reserves of our strength to propel us one step forward at a time, no matter how bone-tired we may feel. There's also a huge wall of accomplishments we can call on to shore up our confidence. Each wand stand for a past action that has led to growth. 


Exhaustion, motivation, experience, determination, self-confidence. 

Appears As

Pushing through a final obstacle, calling on faith in one's abilities, relying on your skills, rising to a challenge, creative doubt, questioning the larger plan, looking back before going forward, mustering strength.