Rider Waite Smith Five of Pentacles Tarot Card Meaning

Nine of Swords


The Nine of Swords shows us what happens when we can no longer hide from our worries, pain, and emotions. It all catches up with us and it's overwhelming. This card is like a force of nature, though despite its intense imagery, there's a great deal of comfort to be had. The beautiful zodiac quilt is a reminder that a bigger, cosmic picture can offer us guidance and solace when we're ready to take our face out of our hands. Until then, however, we're lost in sea of anxious thoughts, most of them biting and sharp as the swords on the wall. 


Anxiety, self-criticism, worry, sleeplessness, despair, 

Appears As

Feeling lost, harsh thoughts about your past, doubting actions and ideas, overwhelming feelings, depression and anxiety, a dark night of the soul, being trapped in one's head, being unable to acknowledge positive aspects of life.