Spring Equinox Ostara Tarot Spread for Growth and Self-Care

This tarot spread creates a roadmap for the month ahead. Use it to identify your goals, obstacles, and accomplishments, as well as sources of support and encouragement.

Taking a moment to map out the road ahead is always worth the effort. Here, these nine cards use the wisdom of tarot to illustrate the major events and themes of your month.

First, lay out all nine cards face down. Take a moment to focus your energy, noticing if you're drawn to any particular position of the spread. Take a breath and turn over all the cards.

Once you've taken in the whole picture, turn your attention to the first card. This represents you as you are now. Look to this card to discover what you're bringing to the month, what you've been through, and your general mindset.

Look to the second card to identify the theme for the month. You can think of it as a mission statement, mantra, or guiding principle - whatever resonates most with you. Carry this card with you (either mentally or physically!) returning to its message to re-center.

Move to the third card. This is the most important goal for the month. This could appear as a tangible project you're aware of, a trait you'd like to cultivate within yourself, or a new direction to explore.

Next you'll turn over the fourth card. This is the central obstacle to overcome and refer to a bad habit to break, a favorite distraction, or more. Be aware of this card as you read the other cards in the spread. How might it get in the way of their energies?

The fifth card is a major accomplishment to look forward to. This is where your efforts will pay off and where you'll truly shine.

Onto card number six, an energy or situation to avoid. This is followed by card seven, energy to embrace wholeheartedly. 

Card number eight shows you where you'll find support and encouragement. This could be with a group of people, within a partnership, or through an activity.

Finally, card nine gives you advice and encouragement to guide you forward.